Emma Chamberlain

I have been watching YouTube since I was in elementary school. From then on, I have had lists of my favorite people to cuddle up in bed and watch. From beauty gurus to comedians, vloggers, and more, I have come to the conclusion that YouTuber Emma Chamberlain is one of my all time favorites.

Emma joined the YouTube community almost two years ago, and she has truly taken it by storm with 7.2 million subscribers. Some of the other YouTubers I watch have just recently hit 1 million subscribers and have been doing YouTube for many years.

I would say that Emma's earliest content was more generic in the YouTube community. Her first videos consist of look-books, hauls, essentials, what I eat in a day, and vlogs. But now, her YouTube channel has truly transformed into "Emma." Now, I am not saying that her first few videos weren't her. What I am saying is that Emma Chamberlain's YouTube channel developed into a platform that shows how authentically herself she is.

Emma is just a year younger than me. With that being said, we are both teenagers at a similar point in our lives. Being a teenager in this day in age can be tough. Insecurities get the best of us, and there are times where it can be hard to be confident, especially growing up in a world where social media is so predominant. That is why pursuing a YouTube channel can be very scary. Anyone can comment whatever they want on your videos, and you have to take it. But even after all the #haters, I continue to be amazed by Emma's content every time she posts a video. Each new video she posts is different from the last, and she is so herself in each one.

Some people think her personality is annoying, loud, and very out there, but her high energy is what makes me so drawn to her. It may be from all the coffee she drinks, but it is truly Emma just being raw and herself. A lot of time, some Youtubers act differently on camera than they do in person. Although I don't know Emma nor have ever met her (I wish I had), she truly seems like herself in all her videos, as well as videos she is featured in from other YouTubers. From some of her more recent videos like Paris Fashion Week , a JoJo Siwa collaboration, road trip to San Fransisco, Nose Ring Gone Wrong, and more, they are each different and interesting in their own ways. But I swear, I could watch them on repeat for hours.

Each video Emma posts is different from the last. Sometimes they are very random, but those are the ones that make me laugh the most. There are some things I can watch like Netflix and movies where my mind drifts and I find myself distracted on social media. But there is something about Emma's videos that gets me so engaged, and that is her ability to be so authentically herself. That is what I will always love most about her.

Check out Emma's youtube channel here.

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