Why I Chose Professional Counseling as My Major
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The concept that I would use to describe my entire life—and my thought process—is called the "butterfly effect". The way I would paraphrase it would be as "a small change now having the infinite potential to create unpredictable, infinite, dynamic changes in the near future." Ever since I was a child, I have been confused, interested, and obsessive over the effects from changes— "actions and events"—have directly and indirectly had on my life. Therefore, I became confused and obsessive about interesting possibilities I could be doing in my adulthood.

The beginning years of my college education at OU were rough. Upon entry, I was undecided about my major; I entered as Pre-Med, to Undecided, to Pre-Nursing, and back to Undecided. I was so focused on schoolwork that I never hung out with others—and the first time I hung out with friends was my senior year in high school. I was in a very weird place, questioning the choices that I made to experience "nothing at all."

Around my third year in college, I was still unsure about what I would do with my major, which was "Sociology" at the time. I made incredible process in school, and was about to graduate a year earlier; however, the time before I had to make crucial decisions about employment was dwindling. My indecisiveness still grew, even after sessions of career exploration and research in the sociology department. I knew that I always wanted to help others, but had no idea what I could do with my sociology degree; law school was an option, but was it something that I would enjoy?

Then, I concluded that I had always known what career I had always wanted. I was too ashamed to admit it, and was afraid about what others, primarily my family, would think about me. I wanted to be a professional counselor. I knew that I had always wanted to help others in guidance. After receiving career counselling myself, I want to work in a field where I can assist clients with their mental health and concerns. I wanted to be a dependable individual who could engage in conversation with others, establish professional relationships, and orchestrate motivation for change.

During the summer of 2020, I enrolled into the program, and in a few weeks, I was accepted.

What I hope to get out of this program is to earn a Master's in Professional Counseling, and receive certification to become an LPC. My goal as an LPC is to work with a demographic of young adolescents and adults and help them with their mental health and personal issues, like the counselors at OU. I want to be a person that they can come to for help, a person who will not judge, but listen to their problems, and help resolve them. Especially those who have been bullied their lives. Because of the experiences that I have faced in the past, I believe that I would be able to connect to them on a personal, but professional level, and be the figure that will lead them to their own success.

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