I knew ever since I was a little girl, that I wanted to go to college. I did not know where, I just knew that that is what I wanted to do. I never really had a "dream college". All I wanted in a college was for it to be beautiful, welcoming, and for it to feel like home when I first step on the campus.

Junior year of high school came around and I was so dead set on going to the University of Tampa in Florida. I wanted to be a marine biologist. From pictures I saw, the campus was gorgeous. I wanted to go there. But after getting more involved in FFA and inspiration from my high school agriculture teacher, I went down different path. I decided to be an agriculture teacher like him. So that definitely took University of Tampa out of the question.

I knew OSU was a great agriculture college. So I was "Sure, what the heck, I'll apply and see if I can get in." I applied late October of my senior year in high school. I applied without even knowing what the campus even looked like. I had no idea if I would love it or hate it. I just went with my gut and went with it. A week after I applied, I went and toured. Driving up there with my mom and my brother's girlfriend at the time, I was really nervous. I really wanted to like this college because it was the only one I applied to and the only one I would apply to. As soon as we parked and I stepped foot on OSU's campus in Stillwater, Oklahoma, I instantly felt at peace. I fell in love with the campus in just the first few seconds of being there. I was in absolute awe of it all. I felt like I could call this place home. Everyone I met was so nice and helpful when we got turned around and lost.

I know it sounds cliche or corny. But I really felt and still feel like I belong at Oklahoma State University. I felt at home and it was everything I was looking for in a college. Everyone was so happy. Everyone was so nice. The campus is absolutely gorgeous. A week after I toured, I got my acceptance letter and my life has been forever changed. As I am completing my second year, I am still so glad that I decided to go to OSU. My love for this college grows more and more each day and I am so glad I can call this place my HOME.