Why Going Back To School Is Actually Less Stressful

As the weather starts to get less hot and humid, and the office supply section triples in size, you know that it is close to time to head back to school. For most people, this is something that is dreaded. Trading late nights for early mornings and days by the pool for days in class. However, going back to homework isn't all that bad. In all reality most people enjoy the routine that the summer just cannot provide. People can get into a structured schedule and it allows for you to be significantly more productive. Plus the social aspect of returning to your friends at school is enjoyable. If you're a person like me, you tend to be happier during the school year simply because you have stuff to occupy your time. As much as I love summer, it is in a way nice to have something to do other than lay around all day. The structure and routine of the day to day life of school is helpful to people who have anxiety or just do not do well without something to keep their thoughts busy. During the summer, it is pretty easy to just choose to do nothing, but in the school year there are likely significantly more obligations that have to be made and these all take up time. It is usually easier for people to stick to diets or workout plans while in school, simply because having a more scheduled life makes it less hard to squeeze it into a time slot. So even though the thought of going back to class might kind of stink, there is a benefit to it. Having more structure in your schedule and world in general can make even a hectic life somewhat easier.

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