7 Rings: Why Go Green? 10 Reasons a Greener Life is the Best Life
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Why Go Green? 10 Reasons a Greener Life is the Best Life

Why Go Green? 10 Reasons a Greener Life is the Best Life

Why go green? Every 13 seconds someone dies due to air pollution. Over 281,000,000 tons of waste (and counting) comes from households around the world each year.

And those two stats are just the tip of the iceberg. It's enough to make anyone want to curl up in a ball.

But thankfully, there are steps each of us can take to help reduce our carbon footprints. And there are even benefits of going green that affect you personally.

If you've been wondering about going green, keep reading. We're sharing with you 10 reasons to go green.

1. Why Go Green? You Eat Healthier

Besides the gas emissions from trucks, planes, and ships that bring us food from around the world, buying local is a healthier choice.

By eating seasonal, local, organic foods your health improves. And the food also tastes better because it's fresher.

Fresher fruits and vegetables also mean they have more nutrients. Fruits and veggies tend to lose nutrients as soon as they're harvested.

The longer you wait to eat the food, the less nutritious it is.

And you'll also support your local economy.

2. Your Home Value Increases

Making your home eco-friendly helps boost the overall value of your home. It also makes it more energy efficient so you save money on your monthly bills.

Also, many buyers now look for homes with energy saving appliances. And green homes use sustainable materials which means a lower impact on the environment.

View these products to find great deals on solar panels and other energy-saving products.

3. Green Products are Healthier

Whether it's your shampoo, makeup or even your cleaning products, it's not uncommon to find very unhealthy chemicals in them. Many of the chemicals are downright toxic.

And if you come in contact with those chemicals, it can adversely affect your health. That's because your skin is your body's largest organ.

It absorbs up to 60% of the products you put on it.

Many green products use plant-based ingredients rather than petrochemicals. In some cases, they're just as or more effective than chemical-based products.

4. You'll Avoid Hormones, Antibiotics, and Drugs in Your Meat

It's a good idea to look for organic meat products rather than the conventional type typically found in grocery stores. That's because conventional meat has hormones, antibiotics, and drugs in them.

And none of those things are healthy for you. The saying "you are what you eat" really takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to hormones, antibiotics, and drugs.

That's because it's all passed to you when you consume the meat. And the meat you eat slowly poisons you and makes you sick.

5. Buying Green Products Means Using Less Energy

We're a nation of consumers. And while it's fun to own stuff, it all leaves an environmental impact.

And it doesn't matter what you own, either. All of it like your couch, wine bottles, and even your clothing all has an environmental impact.

By choosing products made from green materials you help protect forests, wildlife habitats, clean water, and biodiversity. Look for items made from sustainably harvested wood and/or organic materials.

6. Less Stuff Goes Into Our Landfills

Our landfills are overflowing with stuff. Americans alone generate 30% of the world's garbage. Yet we're only 5% of the worlds total population.

When you choose to buy products made from organic or sustainable materials you help create less waste. When you recycle and reuse, you reduce the waste even more.

7. Walking Improves Your Health and Reduces Global Warming

Even choosing better transportation methods can help reduce global warming. If you choose to walk, run or bicycle somewhere, you also get the added benefit of exercise.

You can also use public transportation or share rides with others to reduce your carbon footprint. By doing this, you'll help slow down global warming.

You'll also help reduce our dependence on oil and gas, both of which have serious environmental impacts.

8. Increased Happiness and Productivity

Green buildings are now cropping up all over the United States. Some are residential while others are commercial.

But research is beginning to show that green building's do more than just help us save the planet. Those buildings that make use of natural light helps those who live and work in them feel happier and healthier.

Feeling physically healthy automatically boosts your mental health. Green buildings also have better air quality, which leads to fewer sick days.

9. Our Water Isn't Renewable

Unfortunately, clean drinking water is not a renewable resource. And it's one of our most precious resources. Humans cannot live more than a few days without drinking water.

By flushing toilets less often, taking quicker and fewer showers, and not letting the tap run when we brush our teeth, we help save our planet. All of these actions reduce strain on municipal treatment systems.

By avoiding bottled water, we help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the amount of plastic in our landfills, and chemicals in our bodies.

10. Green Products are More Humane

There's another reason to opt for green and ethical products. Most often you're supporting local and global craftspeople and their communities.

That means fair labor practices where there are no children working and everyone earns a livable wage.

Also, green products don't tend to use animal products. You help reduce unethical animal cruelty practices.

What is Going Green?

There are many ways you can go green to help save the planet and improve your health. Many of them don't take up any extra time or effort.

And with some, you end up saving time and money as well. Often, going green leads you to find products and services that are far superior to the ones you are currently using.

And you'll find a whole community of like-minded thinkers to become friends with.

Going green means you take some time to understand what's happening to our planet and which practices you should use that helps sustain the planets natural resources for ourselves and future generations.

Stay Healthy

Why go green? Because everyone needs to do their part. And if we all do a little something each day, we can make a huge impact.

One way to do your part is to focus on staying healthy. There are so many poisons and toxins around that keeping an eye on your health is vital.

One easy way to stay healthy is to eat healthy foods. Click here to find the five foods you need to replace with a healthier version.

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