I didn't know that having a dog on campus with me would make my life ten times better until my parents went away and I was stuck with the family dog. Initially, I thought she would be a huge chore. But now that time is nearing to bring her back home to my parents, I don't want to give her up. It hasn't been that long, but I've already made up my mind that as a college student, I need a dog.

1. When you come home, they greet you at the door.

Elizabeth Perry

It doesn't matter how long you're gone, It's such a good feeling knowing that you were missed. Your dog will always be excited to see you when you come home.

2. They keep you company when you're studying.

Andrea Sierra

Knowing you have hours upon hours of studying to do is dreadful, but having your dog with you makes it way more bearable and makes the time pass by faster.

3. They force you to leave the house.

Tarrie Lincoln

All dogs need to be let out, so for a couple of times a day having a dog will force you to go outside and get some fresh air. It'll brighten up yours and your dog's day.

4. They aren't as much work as you'd think.

Celeste Van Winkle

No matter what size the dog is, they sleep a lot. Besides having to take them on walks, filling up their water bowls, and letting them out, they're pretty easy to handle.

5. They keep you safe.

Mariah Hendricks

Having a dog is like having an alarm system. They can hear unfamiliar sounds way better than humans, and no unwanted guest wants to deal with the barking dog behind the door.

6. They're always down to cuddle.

Kylie Quinn

Everyone loves a good nap, and a dog is more than willing to join you.

7. You never have to go anywhere alone.

Mariah Hendricks

Anytime I need to go to the store or to a friends house, my dog is happy to join me. (As long as she gets to stick her head out the window).

8. They help you make friends.

Mariah Hendricks

Whether it's another animal or a person, nobody can resist saying hi or petting a cute dog.

9. They teach you responsibility.

Ashlee Engstrom

Most dogs will have a schedule of when to eat and when to be let out. This has helped me organize the rest of my day, and ever since having my dog around, I've gotten every task I needed to do, done.

10. They'll always be there for you when school gets overwhelming. 

Jessica Pierce

After a long day of tests, classes, club meetings, greek life events, and homework, hugs, and kisses from a dog can take all that stress away.

11. They make you laugh.

Selena Lasorda

They often don't mean to, but dogs can do the funniest things. Everyone loves a good laugh, and with a dog, you're guaranteed to get that all the time.

12. You'll get exercise everyday.

Ally Hansen

Dogs do need to be walked every day. By taking them out to run around you're having fun and getting exercise in.

13.They make every picture cuter.

Mia Scicluna

Dogs are always up for a picture, they make it cuter, and help you make memories to look back on.

14. You can dress them up for events.

Elizabeth Perry

Most dogs will let you dress them up, and what's cuter than a puppy in a hat and a sweater?