Have you ever been to a Lady Gaga concert? Have you ever seen a straight person there? Probably not.

If anything, you were probably the only straight person there (assuming that you are straight, of course). When it comes to the music world's divas, you can always count on the gays to turn out to their concerts in full force. They're totally willing to spend over a thousand dollars to see Barbara Streisand up close and personal. They sing along to Cher's "Strong Enough" at the clubs and run screaming to the dance floor when the first few bars of Madonna's "Vogue" comes on. It may seem ridiculous to those outside of the Gay community, but Gay icons like Diana Ross, Cher, and Madonna represent something very special for the community.


These women represent freedom.

At a time when gay men were pushed to the fringes of society, these women represented an escape. For a moment in time, gay men could live within the fantasy of being able to be themselves. What they loved about these women is that they were unashamed. They strutted around in glittering gowns, a wig, and sung about their past loves with a sort of melancholy affection. A lot of these women actually became gay rights advocates and helped fight against homophobia in society. For many of them, the gay community was a family that they built over time. They got their start singing in gay nightclubs and bathhouses, like Bette Midler, who was affectionately called Bathhouse Bette. For the women, the gay community was from where they gleaned their strength.

Nowadays, many female and male artists try to capitalize on the gay community and get them on their side. They forget that the gay community aren't idiots, they know a sham when they see one. They can clock it like a cheap lace front on a drag queen. Unless you are like Lady Gaga, who has been fighting for gay rights since the beginning of her career, they want nothing to do with you.

Looking at what I have a gay man makes me so proud. I love listening to Cher, Lady Gaga, Madonna, et al on a daily basis. I wouldn't want my life to be any other way other than gay as hell.