Where we are born is just a happy accident. You are not tied to this place. You do not have to stay.

There is a world so vast, we haven't even scaled the entirety. There are oceans so wide and mountains so high and buildings so old and a world of miracles beyond anything you could ever imagine. There is an entire story of ancient civilizations and people you could never begin to understand without experiencing their culture or exploring their roots.

School is great, don't get me wrong. But the education you receive from traveling and exploring the world is incomparable. You can read everything about the ancient Greeks and their gods but until you walk through the Acropolis or visit the Temple of Zeus, the words you read and pictures you see are lacking so much depth.

Not only does traveling hand you an abundance of knowledge historically, but you also gain a new perspective on humanity in general. We are accustomed to believing that our way is the only (and the best) way. When you release yourself from the chains that tie you to your roots, you will see that the communities and people and lives that thrive thousands of miles away are innovative and colorful and prosperous.

And if they are lacking or simply less privileged by circumstance, their spirit overcomes. You gain a new understanding of what being a citizen of the globe truly means.

You are not indebted to the confines of the nation or state you were born to. The imaginary lines that divide us are symbols of power and separation. Do not let them control you.

And if your concern is finding the means, I will respond in a seemingly naive but holistically reasonable manner; who cares. Money comes and goes. You were granted this opportunity to see every corner of the world for a select number of years. Do not waste them working yourself away. You can make it work, you just have to be willing to sacrifice.

The world is ours to explore, every corner of it. Treat it kindly and get all the experiences and knowledge you can out of it. Travel is necessary for the comprehension of humanity.