Why Everyone Should Take A Public Speaking Class

Why Everyone Should Take A Public Speaking Class

Speaking out is not as scary as you think it is. Trust me.


Yes, coming from me of all people, this might sound strange, but let me tell you: the class actually teaches you something. Isn't that what all classes are supposed to do? Well, there are some classes you take in college where, believe it or not, you come in learning nothing and come out with about the same knowledge you came in with, but that is for a different day.

As a Communication and Media minor, I am required to take this class. And let me tell you, I did NOT know what I was signing up for. What? Do I have to speak in front of the class for a grade? Talk about my worst nightmare come true.

When it came down to the actual class, you learn the basics of "what public speaking is," the types, how to properly speak, adapt to the environment, and all the ins and outs you need to know for public speaking. My class contained 4 speeches that counted as grades, each one being a different type of speech. I learned not only how to speak, but what a good Powerpoint should look like and that all the presentations I've been giving actually look God awful. I learned how to properly structure speeches and the way I speak as well. I found that as I went along in the class, I began to understand the material better and once I got the critiques back, I learned how to better my speaking skills. When it came down to the final, I made no mistakes. Yes, I practiced till 2 am, but it was perfect and I got a 100%. I was so proud of myself because the girl who has anxiety and stage fright was able to master "how to give a toast" that day and better her public speaking skills. I even felt it rub off in my accounting class when giving my presentation, with no nerves and only fluidity, a huge change from how I would have been the semester before.

I can say that this class was scary as hell to begin with, but I am so glad that it was required because not only am I more confident in my public speaking skills, but I am more confident in myself as well. So, take a chance on that class, do it for yourself, your career and your self-confidence at the end of it and register for it if you can.

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