I have never been a science person. Math hurts my heart and biology grosses me out. Nonetheless, for years I have learned how to take derivatives, find trajectories, and determined just exactly how the human body operates. I have done these things and have been told that this science is infinitely more valuable than the humanities work I would much rather have been doing. Science is viable. Science deals with black and white. Science works with truth. I agree. Science does work with truth but it doesn't have the monopoly on the truth I have been taught to expect.

Scientific Realism is the idea that successful scientific theories then must necessarily describe reality, at least approximately. This means that because the heliocentric conception of the universe reveals accurate predictions we should assume the sun rests in the center. However this same logic could be applied to any number of theories that were widely successful in their time but have since been proven false. A geostatic world, set under the right conditions, can provide as much accuracy in prediction.

This is not to say that science is wrong, or that there is any validity in denying claims proven with consensus by the scientific community. I am sure anyone with even a basic grasp of any higher-level science is far more qualified than me to say what is true and I trust what they have to say.

However, I think it's a dangerous mentality to say the science is the sole legitimate and objective means through which people get at truth. Besides, the basic objectivity of science as a whole is hard to maintain considering the inherently subjective nature of the individual which, again, is not to this subjectivity undermines the validity of scientific claims. Scientists are trying to get to truth, but so is everyone else.

Philosophy tries to get to the truth. Poetry tries to get to the truth. Every book that was ever written and every religion ever founded tries to get to the truth. This is the human experience. And for me, language holds far more insight into the nature of this universe and of human nature than any formula ever will. That truth is just as important and just as valuable as any.