Domesticated house animals are the best thing that humans take advantage of too often.

I have a Chocolate Labrador who I LOVE, obsessively.

1. She always greets me good morning.

There's nothing like a cold dog nose on your face with a wagging tail to make you wake up a little happier.

2. She Cuddles me when I cry.

When a human breaks my heart, she's running towards me to comfort me right away.

3. She keeps me active.

Dog needs exercise, I need exercise, and we do it best together!

4. She keeps me calm.

If I get angry, she gets upset, even if it's clearly not at her. I don't want to make her upset so I don't get angry.

5. She keeps me warm.

I have freezing feet and she lets me tuck them under her while I'm doing work. I'm just a cold person in general and it's nice to have her near.

6. She is always sorry for something she did wrong.

Most humans don't have this quality; if she knows she did something wrong, the guilt comes out quick, added with many puppy eyes. At least she cares!

7. She's my friend.

I don't have many friends and it's nice to have her there to combat loneliness.

8. She's patient with me.

She doesn't like to be patient but she tries to wait for me to finish a task before bothering me, especially when I sleep or workout.

9. She became my training for worse things.

Dog poop and puke has trained me for human poop and puke.

10. Everyone loves her.

When I take the dog around to people, it makes them like me a little more. And if they say they don't like dogs, they are a liar once they meet Latte.

There are so many other things I could say on why Latte is my world, the worst is having to leave her for college.

But, it's so nice to see her when I get back!