Why Does It Hurt?
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Why Does It Hurt?

It hurts because...

Why Does It Hurt?

The question everyone asks is "Why?" Why did the chicken cross the road? Why did I buy that? But the most dangerous "why," the why that breaks us down and makes us overthink, is when we ask ourselves "why" after a breakup or heartache. Why me? Why now? Why did this happen? Why after all this time do I still feel this hurt? Why. Why. Why.

Well, that "hurt" hurts for so many reasons.

It hurts because he tore you down until you felt worthless.

It hurts because he gets enjoyment seeing you hurt.

It hurts because you gave him so much and got nothing in return.

It hurts because you see the other women and constantly remember the night he told you about her.

It hurts because your family saw him for what he truly is when you were blinded by his so-called "love."

It hurts because you are still wrapped around his finger even when you don’t want to admit that you are.

It hurts because you could smell his cologne and immediately get flooded with memories.

It hurts because you catch yourself remembering the happy things you two did, but then they’re overshadowed by the bad things.

It hurts because you defended him for the things he didn't do but later found out he did do.

It hurts because you know you would fall for him again.

It hurts because you are trying to be happy, but then something will remind you of him.

It hurts because you trusted him and got betrayed.

It hurts because you still love him regardless of what he did.

It hurts because you got cheated on emotionally, physically, or mentally at one point or another in the relationship.

It hurts because you imagined your future with him that he shattered so quickly.

It hurts because you thought he cared about you as deeply as you cared about him.

It hurts because you let it hurt.

But not anymore. You need to be done with that hurt.

It won’t hurt because you are strong.

It won’t hurt because he has no control over you anymore.

It won’t hurt because you are finally letting go of him and everything he’s done to you.

It won’t hurt because you know you are worth it.

It won't hurt because you are moving on to bigger and better things.

It won’t hurt because you are done letting it hurt.

You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” –"The Help"

And don’t you forget that.

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