My first experience applying makeup was in school when I was 14. My classmate, who knew a lot about make up, asked me why I don't apply makeup if I have such uneven skin tone, circles around the eyes, acne... How is it possible to come to school and not to "cover" that skin?

Immediately I felt ashamed and thought that I probably missed one important step of the evolution. I asked her to help me buying a foundation, mascara and face powder, and since that time I used my make up every single day. Even on weekends, when I could spend all day at home, I felt obligated to put my make up on, "just in case".

After a few years, I noticed, that my skin became even worse when I saw it before applying makeup. I started to read more about skin care and realized that I should use more "tools" and steps in my make up removing process. I bought special face sponges, toners, peeling gels, a few masks, and a moisturizer.

And my journey continued. Makeup application in the morning: primer, foundation, eye shadow base, concealer, blush, contouring powder, eye shadows, eyeliner, lip gloss, and a little touch of expensive highlighter. Makeup removing at night: micellar water, face washing gel, scrub, toner, under eye cream, and face moisturizer.

All those products costed a lot, I had to re-stock every few months, and I felt like I can't live without them. When I was in the stores like Ulta or Sephora, I could spend a few hours browsing through the new products and then buying them. All those "tools" gave me the opportunity to feel beautiful, powerful and confident. And I wanted to use them more and more every day because I was feeling that when I have my makeup on, I can be successful.

Now I am 26, and only a year ago I realized that I've been "killing" my skin for more than 10 years. This is a very expensive and harmful lesson, and I wish that many girls and young women can realize this as early as possible. I want many women to see "the ugly truth of the beauty industry", and stop harming their health. Because when we trying to be beautiful by applying tons of makeup, we damaging not only our skin but our soul too.

In comparison to "beauty queens" from magazines or Instagram, we are going to lose that battle, and it doesn't matter how hard you trying to win. There is nothing natural about that beauty, and they only want to sell the "magical" tools to you.

When I realized that, I almost stopped using makeup. Many days in a row I can just go anywhere not scared to be "barefaced", and I feel more powerful, because I am who I am, and I am free! And what is more important - my skin now looks healthy, and I am not dependable from skin care products anymore.

Just know that you are beautiful! Stop harming yourself, break free from the makeup addiction, and don't let the beauty industry to harm your health! Because you deserve more! You don't have to fit into certain unrealistic standards! Your skin will thank you for the "bare face" days.