Why I Decided To Study Medicine

Why I Decided To Study Medicine

I love studying medicine and the human body; this is my story on how that came to be

As a naive child, my idea of what I wanted to be when I got older fluctuated, much like every other kid. When I was 5 I wanted to be a country singer, which probably stemmed from the music my parents played around the house and in the car. Until the 3rd grade, I wanted to be a zookeeper. So much, in fact, that I would read full encyclopedias, front to back, so I could learn about every animal I possibly could. The television channels that I watched were exclusively ESPN, Nickelodeon, and Animal Planet, and I would beg my parents to stay up after 8 o’clock just so I could watch my favorite show at the time, Animal Planet’s The Most Extreme. After that, it was a baseball player, until it hit me that although I was good, I had the physique of a twig and probably wasn’t going to be hitting home runs anytime soon. From then on until high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, until I took an Anatomy & Physiology class in my junior year.

The only reason I took this class was to get a science requirement out of the way, and, as it turns out, I accidentally made the best choice I have ever made in terms of education. Right away, I fell in love with the course. I had never learned too much about the human body and how it worked, and every chapter we went over in that class amazed me. I hated homework, like all students, but I kind of looked forward to the Anatomy assignments because it was something that I cared about and wanted to learn more about. Yes, it was a hard class and I struggled at first, but not once did I lose any motivation in that class. After just a few weeks, I knew that it was what I wanted to do in my future. I should also mention that my teacher in that class was the best teacher I have ever had. She was strict, but it was because she wanted us to succeed, and she knew the importance of all her students knowing the material like the back of their hand. I do not know how I would have engaged in the class if it was not for her, but it played a big role in shaping my interests and getting me prepared for college.

One other thing that got me interested in this came from my childhood, and until that class came along, this factor would have gone unnoticed and looked at as regretful. Growing up, I was a very accident prone kid. I would always find some way to get hurt, no matter what the situation. This was not because I was reckless or lived on the edge either; I wore helmets, wrist guards, elbow pads, and sometimes knee pads whenever I got on a bike or scooter, and I’m surprised I did not just upgrade to a big roll of bubble wrap or a suit made of memory foam. I broke my arms a few times, my nose, my ankle, had torn muscles, and a countless amount of sprains and strains. But one injury in specific stands out way more than any of the others.

My freshman year of high school, while playing in a recreational basketball league, I suffered a broken wrist. Not just any broken wrist though, my wrist broke, literally, in half. The sight of it still has me scarred to this day. For people unable to picture what I’m talking about, it was very Gordon Hayward-esque in the way it broke. That took a big hit on my freshman year of high school in the aspects of my grades and my athletics. This injury took me out of competitive basketball for good. I was in a cast for 5 months or so, and went through 2 surgeries. Looking back at it, what I took from this whole injury was not how terrible it was, but instead how amazing the doctors were when they worked on it. The surgeon that I spoke to before and after my surgeries was incredible. He explained very well exactly what was going to happen, and he taught me about what happened in my wrist and the healing process that would go along with it. I was surprised just how well they were able to treat it, because not only did it heal earlier than expected, but a week after I got the cast off, I was able to try out for the baseball team and ended up making it. I was baffled by how quickly I was rehabilitated and thus, my love for medicine and the human body increased.

Currently, I am majoring in Exercise Science at Merrimack College in hopes to follow a track towards becoming a physician assistant, specifically in orthopedics (bones and muscles). I hope to play a role in people’s lives that my previous doctor’s have played in mine, which is to help diagnose patients with injuries and help them through the rehabilitation process. I know that there are many other routes I could go, but as of right now, that is what I would like to do. To be able to help people on a day to day basis on things that could be life-changing would be an honor to do for my career. Along with this, I would like to help assist in minor surgeries if possible. Although the sight of my broken arm has scarred me, both physically and mentally, I want to make sure that nobody else goes through that, and if they do, I want to make the healing process as calming and efficient as possible to ensure that they are as comfortable as they can be while coping with an injury and recovery. If not, I would love to be an Anatomy teacher so I can express my passions to people growing up and even lead some of them down the same path that I took with my education, because moving forward, doctors and nurses will be even more important professions than they are now. I love what I am doing right now, and I am determined to dedicate whatever time I can to learning more about this so I can accomplish my dream.

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This Is The Biggest Lie About Your High School Years, Let Me Explain

The biggest misconception about your high school years.

Yesterday I realized something. My first day of high school will be nine years ago this August. Ummm yuck. Nine years!? Are you kidding me?

Annnnnd just like that, my knees started to hurt and I grew another gray hair.

I was thinking about this when things at my job were pretty slow. I remember me walking in pretty excited but also a little nervous because not only was I seeing old friends from middle school but I also was meeting new kids who were from Crofton.

All of us freshman gathered in the theater department, sat down with our friends and then we were greeted by a balding man with a short goatee and glasses wearing dress pants and a white dress shirt who felt the need to literally yell "ALRIGHT EVERYBODY SHUT IT" in order to our attention.

For the sake of this article, we will call him Mr. Orange.

Mr. Orange proceeded to tell us what is expected of us as students, the rules, and blah blah blah. I really can't remember what he was going on about. However, Mr. Orange then said something that I took with a grain of salt at that time.

Mr. Orange looked at all of us and said "These will be the greatest years of your life."

Back then I thought it was true but yesterday as I was going to deep thought while there was nothing going on at work, all I could hear in my head was Mr. Orange was "These are going to be the greatest years of your life" and my response to that today as 23-year-old adult is "What an absolute load of garbage." That is the biggest lie that you're told in high school. Do not get wrong, I enjoyed my time in high school.

I enjoyed meeting the people I became friends with, most of the teachers I had, and the things I got to do while attending high school. But were they my greatest years? Uhh no and I don't believe this ideology should be believed by anyone.

To me, high school is this little snippet and of your life where you are trying to figure yourself out awkwardly and basically filled with having to do stuff you never really wanted to do at all in the first place. Things like dealing with drama from friends that is considered childish as an adult now, extremely flawed SAT tests so we can go to college, and basically being told that failure is not an option where in reality, failure is part of life and it is how you grow.

I am not sure about you, the reader's, high school but my high school was very cliquey. All the jocks hung out with the jocks, the goth/emo kids hung out with the goth/emo kids, the theater kids hung out with the theater kids, the camo kids hung out with the camo kids and etc. It just felt extremely divided.

Luckily for me, I did not really fall for cliques. I definitely dressed like wanna-be hipster much like how I do now but that did not stop me from talking to people from different cliques. I got along with some of the jocks just as well as I got along with some of the theater kids. Other than that, I did not really see a lot of kids from different cliques converse or hang out with each other.

"These will be the greatest years of your life" That repeated this phrase in my head multiple times. I just cannot agree. I cannot speak for everyone but I feel that your best years start as soon as you got your high school diploma. I can definitely argue that my college years are much better compared to my years as a high school student. At least in my experience, there is really no cliques in college; everyone just converses and befriends people no matter what you're into, what you wear, and what you look like.

After I graduated, I was able to do amazing fun things in the band I was in at the time. I started pursuing my dream to be a professional photographer and started to travel to places I've always wanted to. It was after high school where I feel stuff really started to happen for me. In high school, I was a little shy and insecure about what my peers thought of me which weighed on me at that time. Now I just flat out don't give a #$^& about what people think about me. So the argument that high school is the greatest years of your life is the biggest load of BS and Mr. Orange should be ashamed of himself for preaching that ideology to such young minds.

It made me think.. Why does Mr. Orange think that? Then it occurred to me. Maybe it is because he wakes up every single day going to a job he does not love. He spent most of his time doing work for something he much spends elsewhere. Maybe high school was when he was really happy. I would understand and sympathize with him. However, in the words of Gary Vaynerchuk "Quit complaining. You're in total control."

If he wasn't happy with how things were going in his life, he could change it. If he didn't like his job, he could just get a one; sure that is easier said than done but it is not impossible. So I really don't feel bad for him which may come across harsh but let me tell you one more thing about Mr. Orange.

Two years after I graduated, Mr. Orange had the bright idea as a birthday prank to one his students, to grab and pull up the poor kid's underwear and give him a wedgie in front of his whole class. Feeling embarrassed, the kid reported it and Mr. Orange got fired and is now working at an office supplies store. So yeah, I would not feel bad for him at all.

I'm gonna end this by saying this. In case I have some kids reading this that either in or about to go into high school. Your high school years will NOT be the greatest years of your life. Don't let my statement scare you. You are going to have a lot of fun and your best friends in high school are your best friends for life. But it is after high school where things really get interesting for you.

Whether you're going to college, going into the military, going into a trade, or you spend a year or two traveling someplace out of the country, that is when you are going to have the greatest years of your life. Have as much fun as you can while you're high school but DO NOT think it goes downhill once you flip your tassel.

Oh and if you become a teacher, do not give your student a wedgie. Das bad.

Cover Image Credit: David Kirchner

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