Why I Decided To Go To UGA

Why I Decided To Go To UGA

Choosing a college is hard. This is why I chose UGA.

Why I Decided To Go To UGA

The University of Georgia is big. In fact, it is huge. It is so big that buses have to run around the massive campus in order to help kids to get to class on time. Yeah, it is huge. I was worried about coming to the University of Georgia because of its massive size, and I was afraid that I was going to get lost in the crowd. However, I decided to give it a try. I am starting this summer to take classes at UGA, and I could not be any more excited. This is why I chose the University of Georgia as my college home:

1. Grady bound

I am a journalism major, and most of the schools that I looked at did not have a journalism major. The University of Georgia has a huge journalism program called Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications. For right now, I am focusing on majoring in journalism, but there are also lots of other major options I could choose within Grady College. There is Public Relations, Advertising, Entertainment and Media Studies, and a lot more. I love having a lot of majors to choose from in order to use my gift of writing.

2. Tons of Clubs and Events

Athens is a busy town, and the University of Georgia has many events and clubs to keep its students busy. There are clubs for the writers, for the business majors, for the soon-to-be lawyers, for the biology majors, and for the runners. There are also big Greek Life organizations, community outreach activities, local 5ks, and local parades. The list of clubs and events is endless. I love to write, so I plan to join the Red and Black newspaper staff or one of the other journalism clubs in the fall. Joining clubs will help the huge campus of UGA seem smaller.

3. Run, run, run

I love running, and some of you may be thinking, “Why does she like to run?” Well, I have liked running since I was little, so that is why I am so excited about the running clubs on campus. UGA has a college student running club, and Athens has a running club for all ages. You can join these clubs whether it is your first time running, or you have been running for years. I plan to lace up my shoes and go for a run with the running club at UGA.

4. Lots of class choices

There are a lot of students who go to the University of Georgia, so the college has a lot of classes to choose from. There is a sign language class, a Latino literature class, film classes, theater classes, and there is even a beginning bowling class. You name it, the University of Georgia probably has the class. There is such a wide array of classes to take and there are so many to choose from to fit your interests.

5. Georgia alumni

I have a grandfather, grandmother, aunt, and uncle who have all graduated from the University of Georgia. My dad has also gone to the University of Georgia. Needless to say, I have been a dawg fan since I was in diapers. I grew up seeing little dawg knickknacks around my grandparentsand aunt’s house. I have attended the UGA football games, and cheered on for the dawgs. When I was little, on sports day at school I dressed up wearing my UGA T-shirt. I even had a bulldog stuffed animal named Uga, when I was younger. It is nice having family who went to your college because they can show you around campus (when I don’t know where something on campus is, I ask my dad, and he usually knows). Plus, your family members can cheer on your favorite football team with you.

6. Family nearby

One of my aunts and uncle live nearby to my college campus, which makes me feel better. I know that if I need anything, I can go see them. I am thankful that I have family that live close.

7. Dawg friends

I have lots of friends who are going to UGA too, and I am excited that we get to explore the college campus together!

8. Not too far away

In my mind, college has always been the time when I learn how to live on my own. I liked that UGA was two hours away from my home town because it was far enough away for me to feel like I am on my own, but not too far away that I can’t come home whenever I want. I know I can always come home to my mom’s house or my dad’s house to see my family for a weekend, and then come back to Athens before classes start again on Monday. No plane ticket necessary.

The University of Georgia is the school for me, and I am excited that I am starting school there very soon! I can’t wait to be a dawg!

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