Why College Is So Important

College can be such a fun experience. Some people think college is not a necessity, which it is not, but personally, I think having a degree is a good thing to have for anyone. College is not made for everyone, but you will make countless memories and valuable friendships if you do decide to go.

College is a place to learn but you can also have fun while doing it. You will make new friends that will continue to be around forever. College is a time where usually it is the first time you are on your own, so make it count and always learn from your mistakes.

College is very important to some people. As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to attend college. I have always wanted the accomplishment of completing a degree and graduating from a university. It has always been important to me because my mom has always pushed the importance of having a degree.

College is important because with a degree (usually) it can be easier to get a job. Some jobs you cannot even get if you have not graduated from college. It can be very important to go to college for your future but not everyone has to. People still do get jobs and make it in this world without a college degree.

A college degree is good to have for many jobs. It can set a good impression for you in any interview because going through college is extremely hard. It can be very stressful because you are on your own. Usually, most college students have a job or even jobs.

Being a full-time college student and working another job can be a huge challenge for anyone. If you go through college and graduate, then that is a huge accomplishment. College can be hard as well as expensive, but in the end, you will gain so much more knowledge, great life experience, and even better memories.

College for me has been such a fun experience. I am only a freshman at Jacksonville State, but I have loved every minute of college so far. It has been very hard at times, but I would not trade it for anything. I have made some great friends through classes that I will forever stay in contact with.

I will always be proud of myself for taking this leap of going to college and maintaining two part-time jobs. College has been fun, and I will continue to gain knowledge, friends, and memories. I cannot wait to finally cross the finish line and have that degree in my hand; I might have a while to go, but it will be here sooner than later.

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