Why City Kids Go To The Gym
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Health and Wellness

Why City Kids Go To The Gym

Often times it isn't only to work out

Why City Kids Go To The Gym

1. To work out


2. To watch other people work out

People watching has a new meaning at the gym. Sometimes you will be thoroughly impressed, but other times you will have to hold in your laughter upon sing that one try hard going h.a.m. on the rowing machine. People get weird in the gym, very weird.

3. The post-gym protein shake or vitamin saturated smoothie

It is almost like dangling a carrot in front of a bunny to get it to move, except these carrots are thrown in a blender, mixed with other fruits and vegetables, thrown into a cup, and sold for exorbitant amounts of money.

4. You won't feel as bad about what you eat at brunch the day after

Brunch and food in general is a big part of city life, and going to the gym makes you regret eating out every day a little bit less.

5. The confidence boost

Look good, feel good. It's that simple.

6. To use the new equipment

Those new treadmills, bikes, and elliptical with the cool virtual reality screens are an added bonus. Even if you don't know what a machine does, you will be determined to make use of it in any way possible.

7. When your friends ask what you did that day, you can say,"I went to the gym."

Lets be honest, if you went to the gym and no one knows about it, did you really go to the gym? At the very least you will get a solid addition to your snap chat story.

8. To avoid doing extreme amounts of cardio (*cough* SoulCycle *cough*)

Going to the gym means that you can work out without having to run long distances while trying to weave through traffic or wait at cross walks while awkwardly jogging in place. Also, gym alternatives such as SoulCycle actually force you to do cardio, and some days cardio is just not in the plan.

9. Because there is no other open space to work out

Except for public parks, and you are probably terrified of absolutely failing at whatever exercise you are about to perform in front of hundreds of random pedestrians.

10. To wear new gym clothes

An essential aspect to working out in the city is to look good while doing it.

11. It makes you feel more "productive"

City dwellers often have a dire need to feel productive. The city is a competitive environment to live in, so productivity goes a long way in what you can accomplish. A trip to the gym can fill that awkward gap in your schedule, making you feel like you had a fulfilling day as opposed to getting home and feeling like you could have done more.

12. You know crush goes regularly

Guys and girls alike have a tendency to turn in to low-key stalkers when they develop a crush. So, getting a gym membership where they just also happen to be a member gives you a less sketchy way to "accidentally" bump into them and hopefully strike up a conversation.

13. You just made a new playlist

Sometimes you need a reason to go to the gym, and if exercise isn't reason enough, then I am sure that the new playlist that you just made will be your only motivation.

14. Yo have been inside of a 600 square-foot studio for the past 12 hours and need to stretch your legs

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