A lot of times, college is seen as a fresh start for many high school graduates each year. Most of the time, people assume students will move out of their parent's homes and live at the institution they are enrolled in. However, this does not include every college student, including myself, for a multitude of reasons. Today I will explain why I chose to continue living at home, and why so far it's been a good experience for me.

A major factor in any college-related decision is finances and determining how the student and/or family will pay each year for college. Living on campus is a large expense for any college student who chooses to live on campus, as it greatly increases the tuition rate as a whole. Personally, this larger debt was a major reason why I chose not to live on campus. The general off-campus tuition is pretty expensive, and I don't want to drown in debt and have to continue paying it for years. Although the experience is great for all who choose to live on campus, the value of saving money outweighs the value of this experience for me personally.

Although money was a large factor in shaping my residential decision, there is another equally important reason why I chose to live at home. I am a person who values the things that are familiar to me, such as old friends and family. Although in college I am looking for a new experience in shaping my future career path, there are some things I feel don't need to change in my life. I feel very comfortable living with my father right now and maintaining a close relationship with him and my grandparents. Although I will meet great new friends on campus, I feel as though I don't want to leave behind the friends of mine who have stayed in my home town. I like to maintain the best of both worlds in a sense, by keeping the friends I have gained in high school as well as making new friends at college. I still spend time with some of these old friends, and have decided that they are worth keeping around. Essentially, I chose to stay at home to maintain the strong relationships I have with old friends and family.

In conclusion, although I am only experiencing half of what most students in college do, I feel very comfortable with my decision to live at home. Not only do I feel as though I am saving a large amount of money, but that I am keeping my good friends and family close while attending college. I understand why students who move out make that decision, but I am not someone who wants such a major change in my life right now. Maybe I will change my mind next year, who knows. But for now, I am very pleased with the choice I have made in regards to college and being a commuter.