Why Casey Neistat Is The Best YouTuber

Why Casey Neistat Is The Best YouTuber

No other daily vlogger can compete.

Casey Neistat is without a doubt the most driven, hard-working, talented, hilarious, interesting and just overall amazing YouTuber in the game right now. So if you are not already subscribed to him, you should get on that. Neistat is an accomplished guy – before taking on YouTube as a full-time career, he produced multiple successful films, which is how he first made a name for himself.

If you already do know of Casey Neistat, you probably first heard his name because of "The Neistat Brothers," his HBO series produced by him and his brother, or because of his multiple viral videos, like “iPod’s Dirty Secret." All of these successes are what gave Casey that initial fan base that is now incredibly devoted to him, which explains his 2 million plus subscribers on YouTube. His fan base has grown to an incredible amount, even in just the past few months alone; so much so that most of his videos receive over a million views – and that’s a lot even for someone with a huge following.

Neistat has been uploading YouTube videos for about six years, but just about a year ago his focus on this powerful medium changed to daily vlogging. In the beginning of his YouTube career, his typical videos were more like short films, most of which told a meaningful story. Now, although vlogs are still technically short little movies, they are vastly different, but still equally as cool and remarkable.

Now, his videos tell a different kind of story – a story about his everyday life. His vlogs truly display his talent. I mean, he uploads every single day and still each video is distinctive – which is something I personally truly appreciate about him. You would think that his videos would lose effect since they are daily videos, but he manages to upload something intriguing every single day. Basically what I’m getting at is that his vlogs still haven’t lost their spark, even after a full year.

There are a few key components in Casey’s daily vlogs that make his videos different from the next daily vlogger’s. First and foremost, nothing beats his time lapses. As a resident of New York City, Casey is able to get some of the most beautiful time lapses of some of the coolest scenery in the world. New York is a huge element of Casey’s high quality vlogs because he’s always doing something unique, which he of course captures on camera.

Casey also has two segments in his vlogs that he does once a week – Mail Time and Ask Me Anything. Casey is all about communicating with his subscribers and viewers – something many successful YouTubers wouldn’t take the time to do. In Mail Time, Casey opens up the packages he gets from his P.O. Box, and in Ask Me Anything, he answers the questions his subscribers send him via social media.

With all of these amazing features, every single one of Casey’s vlogs turns out nearly perfect, and I’m so glad he’s getting the recognition he deserves. Casey is a huge inspiration, not only to up and coming YouTubers and filmmakers, but to each and every one of his subscribers that he influences so deeply.

Cover Image Credit: hollywood.com

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