What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think about a Bull? Let me guess, Bullfighting right? Honestly I'm not surprised, Back in the medieval era of Spain bullfighting was has been stated that it was invented for pure sport which was rooted for hunting, and some say it's also invented for the artistic expression of dance. Although bullfighting has may different views for Spanish people, bullfighting is well known to be dramatic ballet of barbaric death. Bullfighting is still occurring to this very day, And people still seem to be drawn into this event. But if you really think about it the bull is suffering, and this act is cruel. And the world has shown some signs why bullfighting is wrong, Allow me to show you some examples.

🐂The Book Of Life🐂

This movie was created by Jorge R. Gutierrez in the year 2014, It's based on cultural lookouts about mexico, specifically "The Day Of The Dead" aka Día de Muertos and the two main characters Manolo Sánchez and Joaquín Mondragon competing over María Posada. The movie itself is wonderful but there is one tiny detail that I love. Manolo was born into a family of bullfighters and he refuses to take part in his family's traditions. If you haven't seen the movie I won't spoil it for you, but I do recommend seeing it, The story and the animation is beautiful.

🐂The Story Of Ferdinand The Bull🐂

The story of Ferdinand is about a bull who would rather live a peaceful life by smelling flowers than fighting in bullfights. It was written by Munro Leaf and illustrated by Robert Lawson. There's also a movie about this wonderful story too which will be that was animated by Disney, and there will also be another film which will be released December 15, of this year of 2017. The message behind the story doesn't fully address the bullfighting is wrong, However is dose indeed say that bull a big and powerful animal like a bull is innocent and deserves to live a happy life, instead of living in a ruthless environment of endless fighting to the death.

🐂Organizations Fighting For The Bulls🐂

There have been many organizations that have been trying to put an end to bullfighting. And there's no surprise that PETA would climb on broad this bandwagon. There is another organization called Stopbullfighting which contains news about any bullfights that are occurring, petitions to be signed and etc.

🐂How Can We Help The Bulls🐂

There are many ways that we can help save the lives of bulls, And they are easy steps to follow.

  • Never attend a bullfight, and educate your family, friends, and coworkers, or any animal lover by encouraging them to never attend bullfights.
  • If you live in Mexico, tell channel 11 to stop broadcasting even if you don't live in mexico, speak out to all government support for or promotion of bullfighting.
  • Send a letter to Spanish politicians to urge them that the Balearic Islands becomes the third Spanish Autonomous Community to ban bullfighting.
  • If you learn that a company sponsors and supports bullfighting, call or write to its public relations department expressing your disapproval.
  • Flex your consumer muscle if you are planning to travel to a country that still allows bullfighting. Refuse to stay at a resort that is currently building or already has a bullfighting arena as part of its recreation facilities. Let the resort know why you are opting for alternate lodging. Refrain from eating at restaurants, patronizing tourist shops, or hiring local travel agencies that promote and advertise bullfighting. Let them know why. If you encounter a travel book that includes information on attending a bullfight, write to the publishing company and the author, asking them to remove this information in future editions of the book.
  • Donate to HSI to support our efforts to help bulls and all animals, and support local animal protection organizations in countries where bullfighting still takes place.
  • Sign petitions like this one and this one.

I hope this has informed you about the animal cruelty the bulls go through. Just remember, no matter how strong an animal may appear, they are still innocent and deserve a happy life, if they don't then that's just bull.