That moment when you found out who your big was in your sorority was an exciting moment. Your big had left you many gifts leading up to her reveal. Along the way, she left you little clues as to who she was (mine specifically narrowed it down to every brunette with brown eyes out there, clearly a very rare combination). But after the long wait you finally found out who she was and the thought of her being the most amazing person, ever, just continued to grow. Here's why.

She gave you gifts.

T-shirts, food, and other treats awaited you in a nicely decorated basket from your big for doing absolutely nothing, even before you knew who she was!

She's always there for you when you need her.

Whether it's venting, what to say to a guy (hey or heyy -- the ultimate struggle), a place to sleep when you just can't make it back to your own bed, or someone to go out with when no one else will, she is always there!

She will never judge you on how crazy you are.

When the boy you are dating is in another picture with a girl and you're texting your big 20 million word paragraphs -- until you find out that girl is actually his cousin -- your big will never think you are crazy, no matter what!

She has shown you the ropes.

Friday classes? Classes before 10 a.m.? Well, those were only a thing before you met your big. Your big taught you that if you valued sleep and your social life, then those types of classes were definitely not an option.

Simply because she's her.

Your big is amazing just by being the person she is. As cliché as that may sound, there is nothing more amazing than this aspect. You would never wish for anyone else to be your big (even Beyonce), and you know you are the luckiest person to be able to call her your big. Every time you tell people that she is your big you can't help but have a big smile spread across your face.