Bellinger Has Had One Of The Best Starts This Season And Is Definitely The MVP

Bellinger Has Had One Of The Best Starts This Season And Is Definitely The MVP

Cody Bellinger is just 23 years old nearly 24 and is breaking records left and right.

Cody Bellinger is the hottest name in Major League Baseball right now.

Ending the month of April, he has one of the best starts in MLB history.

On Sunday in a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, he hit his 14th home run and tied the record with Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez for the most home runs hit before May 1st.

Cody also recently became the first player in MLB history to have 37 RBIs before May 1st.

He also now is the sole record holder two other early season records which include most hits, 44 hits, and most total bases, 96 bases, before May 1st.

His current batting average is .434 as of April 30th.

Out of both the American League and the National League, Bellinger has the highest batting average overall.

His current strikeout rate is 11.7 which is down a lot from his rate of 23.9 last season.

He has had 15 strikeouts total in these past 30 games.

Recently he was hit in the knee with a 96 mph fastball but thankfully escaped major injuries.

Right now, as of April 30th, Cody Bellinger has the best odds for winning the Home Run Derby.

His odds are 6/1 for the derby.

Cody Bellinger received the Rookie of the Year award in 2017 and has only gotten better since that point.

Currently, Cody's biggest competition is Christian Yelich, who plays for the Milwaukee Brewers as an outfielder.

These two have crossed paths and have engaged in friendly conversation.

They both acknowledge the success of one another and stay civil towards each other.

Last year during the World Series playoffs they met on the field to see who would be heading to the World Series.

I personally think that Cody Bellinger is one of the biggest MVPs for the Dodgers right now due to his incredible statistics and outstanding performance.

For only his third year in the major leagues, he has surely made a big name for himself and absolutely has made his presence known.

Bellinger hits absolutely amazing against right-handed pitchers (RHP) and they should watch out.

I don't think that we have seen all of what he is capable of yet and I think that there is a lot more coming from Dodger player #35.

Dave Roberts is beyond proud of Bellinger's current success and continues to make sure that he is training hard and continuing to make all of his Dodger fans proud.

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