Being A YouTuber Can Be A Real Job

We have all seen the rise of social media stars on every platform. From famous Instagrammers and Viners to, of course, YouTubers, everyone has a different opinion on people becoming famous from the content they put on the internet, when they have no "real talent."

Of all the platforms listed above, YouTube is the outlier. People often start making videos as a hobby, but it can quickly become a legitimate job. There are thousands of YouTubers who make a living from exclusively making online content.

Just several years ago, the idea of making a living from the internet seemed impossible. Today, people are building audiences by just being themselves.

As a college student majoring in mass communications, I decided to start my own YouTube channel about a year ago. Over the last five months, I have gained over 600 subscribers.

YouTube is genuinely a great way to make a living, as it pays content creators based on a total number of views due to ads placed on videos. Companies also sponsor people based on their audience and the kind of "brand" they offer to the community of viewers.

When there are people from the outside that don't watch videos or don't create videos, they do not understand the talent and skill it takes to keep up a consistent channel and audience. Editing videos seems to be a simple task, but oftentimes it takes a massive amount of creativity, time, and skill.

Creators pour hours into editing their videos that often look of a professional skill level. They spend a massive amount of money on equipment to continuously improve their skills and make their viewers happy.

Putting yourself out there on the internet is a scary thing. I know from experience that getting started with your online personality is not easy -- it's hard not to think about what others think of you. However, that does not stop so many people in their attempt to chase their dreams of video content creation. The best part of YouTube is that you don't even need to leave your bedroom to create quality content and grow your name and brand.

While the YouTube community overall is very positive, there are so many people who start their channels in an attempt to gain fame and fortune, but the people who start their channels as a hobby, show their heart in their videos, and gain a genuine community of followers are the ones who generally succeed as YouTubers.

YouTube is a way that people can express themselves and do what they really love, while also supporting themselves. YouTubers don't dread "going to work," because they are doing what they are passionate about.

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