Why Being "One Of The Guys" Is A Blessing Instead Of A Curse
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Why Being "One Of The Guys" Is A Blessing Instead Of A Curse


Why Being "One Of The Guys" Is A Blessing Instead Of A Curse
Erin Curley

I know when I grew up my mom always told me never to hang out with just the guys. She didn't want me to turn into the tomboy or "one of the guys", and I never understood why. Regardless I always listened, and made sure I had a girlfriend with me at all times. Now that I am older and can make my own friend decisions, that idea of not wanting to be "one of the guys" is thrown right out the window. I love and embrace it, and here is why you should, too:

You always have someone to lean on.

There is no better feeling to know that you have someone to lean on when life gets tough. They know how to pick you up when you are down, but most importantly support you when you just need a good cry.

You always have a big brother to back you up, or even a little brother.

It is like having your own team mascot. I know that no matter what, if someone is giving me a hard time, I have them to back me up even if it is to justify my crazy, pissed off feelings. They will always be there to protect you, even if it is from yourself. I have a problem with overthinking everything, and somehow the bro-talks always have me feeling better after.

They can help you with guy issues.

Okay, we all know it is true, girls know nothing when it comes to figuring out what a guy is thinking. So, it is great to have them in your corner to help clarify the confusing parts of the male brain.

And you can help them with girl issues!

On the flip side though, we are crazier than them. So, it is only fitting that they come to you when the female brain is going nuts, and they have no idea how to address it.

You can be yourself without any judgement.

I have way too many times in my life caught myself second guessing my personality because I thought the girls around me would think I was weird. I never liked to run around and play dress up. I would rather be playing a soccer game in the pouring rain, and being "one of the guys" eliminated that fear of mine. I never felt that I had to change who I was to hang out with the boys instead of trying to force myself to fit the mold of the girls group.

You don't have to worry about being lady-like all the time.

Burping contests are a lot more fun when it isn't frowned upon! The occasional slip of a fart isn't that much of a scandal anymore. Enjoying your burger to the fullest with a little ketchup on the side of your lip no longer is a big deal. You can be free of society's standards (Well, to a certain point. Don't turn into a barbarian now).

You will always have someone to go on a crazy adventure with.

Those late night midnight food cravings you always have, they will always be there to join, and pointless car rides will never have a dull moment. Spontaneous decisions will always be followed through while they are around, no matter the time or place.

You will never have to worry about losing them.

Through all my friendships throughout the years, they have always been the ones to stick by my side. It is a mindset of more memories less drama. They are there for the long run, and to me that's the best gift they can ever give you.

Trust me, having a girlfriend is important too, but there is nothing better than being "one of the guys". So, mom, I'm sorry, you were wrong. Being "one of the guys" is the best thing to ever happen to me, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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