Why Augustus Waters Is The Star-Crossed Love Of Your Life
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Why Augustus Waters Is The Star-Crossed Love Of Your Life

Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Why Augustus Waters Is The Star-Crossed Love Of Your Life

Fiction writer John Green is notorious for creating novels that are nothing short of pure genius. He takes specific stories and amplifies them to such extreme measures that we end up taking a part of it with us wherever we go. It’s weird, isn't it? To be so hooked onto a novel that you actually feel what it’s telling you—as if you’re really there in the center of it all.

Probably his most profound novel that has left a national impact is "The Fault in Our Stars," about 16-year-old cancer patient, Hazel Grace, who finds love, happiness and excitement in her cruel, dull, boring word when she meets Augustus Waters. For those who have read "The Fault in Our Stars," not only did our imaginative vision of Augustus Waters leave us in a light-headed twirl, but having actor Ansel Elgort cast as the heartthrob in the 2014 film truly did him justice. He’s not just your average 17-year-old boy; he is so, so, so much more than that. His ability to come up with SAT words in his daily vocabulary, his choice of excellent first dates, and his compassion, sincerity, genuine, kind-hearted soul really captivates us all, especially when it’s all towards Hazel Grace.

Needless to say, this book left me in a puddle of my own tears, and when I watched the film, my heart truly ached. But not the bad kind, the good, as well. You get to know the two characters very well throughout their entire journey together, and you begin to appreciate not just the essence of love that they have for one another, but life. From beginning to end, you cannot deny just how much you have undeniably fallen for Augustus Waters.

1. His stare.

Not creepy, but admiring. And come on, if you caught Ansel Elgort staring at you, I don’t think you’d have much of a problem with it.

2. His blunt delivery.

His non-hesitation on calling you beautiful, because he says what's on his mind, and who doesn’t love a straightforward kind-of guy?

3. His metaphorical innuendoes.

The cigarette. Genius.

4. His want into getting to know you.

Yes, there are boys who care out there; and then there are boys who care a lot. That’s Augustus Waters.

6. He’s interested in the same books as you.

Because he knows that in order to read your favorite novel, it means he gets to understand you a whole lot better. And who doesn’t love a boy who just gets you?

7. Okay? Okay.

Need I say more?

8. His ability to come up with the most spontaneous date, ever.

Yes, those are tulips.

10. His smile that has slayed a thousand hearts.

And he doesn't even have to try.

11. No matter how much you push him away, he'll always be there.

And we all need someone like that in our lives.

12. The wink.

To die for...

13. His ability to remain so optimistic through all hardship.

Even as an amputee, he still lives an extraordinary life with such a positive view.

14. His "I love you" speech.

This one should definitely be for the books.

15. His eulogy.

Not the exact type of letter you want from your star-crossed lover, but it’s pretty damn close to sharing that little infinity.

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