Most of us like watching TV or online videos. I do too. But I have been more accustomed to YouTube. This is because you can watch a variety of things at any time, unlike TV, which has scheduled shows. Certain scheduled shows are sometimes boring, depending on preferences. For example, sometimes I do not like the FOX News, but prefer to watch the Big Bang Theory afterwards instead. So I feel TV has its limits on what to watch at a particular time.

The annoying thing about TV is that there are constant reruns of the same types of shows. I could have watched an episode of a certain show at least three times and could repeat all the lines. Am I learning a script for a play? Nope. With YouTube, I can watch reruns if I choose to, or watch a whole season of a show that stopped airing on TV. I think that is way better than watching repeated stuff that never seems to have an ending.

I am not only able to watch the television shows that I like on YouTube, but also movies and videos of my preference. If I am bored of one of my favorite shows, I can watch foreign movies or videos of YouTubers. It basically keeps me entertained if I am not reading or doing homework/studying.

If I am working on something and do not want to play background music, I put on one of my favorite YouTube videos and use it for background noise. It takes the stress away and makes work easier to do. (Currently I am playing episodes of Family Guy while writing this article. I really love that show).

YouTube is there to help when I need to do something practical and cannot seem to understand it. For example, I watched a video on how to eject ink cartridges from a printer because I did not know how. I also learned how to make rubber band bracelets (I was curious about making them). I think I learn a lot of things from instructional videos posted there.

If I can recall, I do not watch TV as much as I used to. I am either on my phone or laptop on YouTube just watching the things I like. It is like my new “TV”, that is without me having to change the channel all the time.

Most of all, you pay less. What I mean is, you only pay for Internet and do not have to pay for YouTube, because most videos are free to watch. I know almost everyone has Netflix, but I like to save money. No offense.

My relationship with YouTube is great. We do not have any fights or arguments and we always seem to have peaceful relations with each other. I want what it wants and it wants what I want. I hope we never break up lol.

This is why I am “married” to YouTube.