Why I am an Atheist
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Why I am an Atheist

There is no God or kings, only man

Why I am an Atheist

Throughout the course of human history, there has been thousands upon thousands of religions, ranging from the big three monotheistic religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) to countless other ones (Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, etc.). All of these religions are based upon a set of rules, guidelines, and principles for living and are centered around some God, higher being, or spiritual entity, and are managed by a group of select individuals who have learned their texts and rules and devote their lives to worship of this religion. Needless to say, religion has had a large impact on human history and gave us literature, art, and messages to live our lives by, but there are some people who don’t necessarily buy into religion, one of those people would be me.

Of course the concept of religion in our daily lives varies throughout history and nobody can be sure if their religion is the “right” one, but I simply asked myself what difference it would make? I’ve had discussions with my friends and parents about the topic of religion and where it belongs in society, but when I’ve reflected on the question myself, I simply decided that the best way to practice religion would be subjectively. By this, I mean going about it on your own terms and doing whatever feels right to you. The only limit is that it should not come into anybody else’s decision-making; nor should it bring harm to anyone else. Yet, as I look around, this one simple principle is being broken all the time from the KKK here in America, to radical Islam in the Middle East, to Hindu extremists in Kashmir.

As I look on the news I see more and more of this violence being perpetrated onto innocent people who do not deserve it, and as I watch I can only help but ask, “Where is this all-knowing, all-powerful being?” If it does not have the ability to help us, then it is not omnipotent. If it does have the ability, yet does not want to help us, then it is indifferent and/or malevolent. If it has the ability, willing to help, but cannot see the problem, then it is not omniscient. Asking myself these questions, plus more, I have officially rejected the notion of God or any spiritual entity from my life and claimed my life as my own and not for anybody else, nor for this entity.

Thus, not only do I not see any proof for myself that there is a God, but I also refuse to accept anything when there is not enough evidence to support it. It’s not enough for me that it is one of the most followed religions of the world; I need first-hand, empirical proof that something proves the existence of God. While I like to think myself respectful and tolerant of religious peoples, I just cannot subscribe to a belief that puts faith ahead of rationality. Whether it comes to Christianity, Judaism or Islam, I’m fine with anyone who practices it (in the way it was meant to be practiced without any violence or intolerance) but I, personally, do not see myself practicing these kinds of religions so long as there does not exist enough substantial proof to back up their claims. Not to mention, that if this God is all powerful and all-seeing as people say he is, then I have some questions I would like answered in terms of what their morals are, and how they could allow the world to be the way it is.

In conclusion, I want to keep this brief and sensible because I feel that if I go too far into it, I might say something offensive, and when it comes to something like this, the last thing I want to do is be offensive. However, I will leave my final thoughts here in saying that as a man capable of thought and will, I don’t need a higher figure or being to show me the right way; my own mistakes are my guiding path.

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