'Gilmore Girls' 2.0: Why I Am Always And Forever Staunchly #TeamLogan
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'Gilmore Girls' 2.0: Why I Am Always And Forever Staunchly #TeamLogan

Three suitors, one Gilmore girl, and only one match.

'Gilmore Girls' 2.0: Why I Am Always And Forever Staunchly #TeamLogan

Previously, I wrote an article about how it felt to watch “Gilmore Girls” as an adult, at which point, I was still buzzing through season one.

Recently, I finally finished, as I wept, the entire original series. I laughed, I cried, I loved. My mom got me started, after having started it in light of the upcoming revival. We were instantly hooked, not just because it’s the story of a mother and daughter, but because of how original and real and fun the show as a whole really is.

If you have not yet watched “Gilmore Girls,” and have ever had the feeling you’ll get around to it, but haven’t yet, and are avoiding revival spoilers, come back to this article another time! Cooper boom!

I made her stop about five to seven episodes before the end of the series so that we could watch the end, and inevitable cry, together. We did that, then instantly started looking up any and all articles we had chosen to overlook until we formally finished the series to avoid spoilers. The formal articles and interviews with the writers and cast gave me that giddy feeling that I thought I could only get from the anticipation of a new chapter of a beloved mega-series like “Harry Potter” or “Star Wars” and what a glorious feeling it was to revisit those excited little butterflies! But one thing that I found interesting was how blatantly #TeamJess many bloggers were (and some even more off-putting #TeamDean-ers *barf*), and how quizzical said writers were towards Rory during the period that she dated Logan.

To explain, the teams are those in favor of one of three of Rory’s long-running boyfriends through the series. First came Dean: the all-American, good-looking, and, as Lorelai put it, perfect first boyfriend. After Dean came, to the dismay of many, Jess, Luke’s nephew from out of town, and Rory’s well-read, brooding, bad boy boyfriend--the most short-lived of the three. Then, once Rory was at Yale, possibly the wild card of the bunch, came Logan, the well-off, Ivy League charmer, who she was with for most of the series. For the revival, in which all three are returning, it seems especially Team Jess and Team Logan are at odds with each other.

First and foremost, I am always and forever #TeamLogan. But I’m coming to find that I am not very well received in this opinion, which is odd to me. It seems the majority of fans are Team Jess, with a small smattering of Team Logan, and an even smaller one of Team Dean; come on, people--you’re not gonna win there.

Here is my ranking of the three and my defense of why, if Rory ends up with one of the three, that one will be, and should be, Logan.

The loser: Dean

Here’s the thing about Dean; he is the worst. Why? Because he can’t put others’ feelings before his own and makes people feel like human garbage. Sure, to start, he was great! Totally charming, seemed interested in the same things as Rory, perfectly nice and datable, but the second Rory wasn’t ready to say she loved him too (because she was barely 16 and he was her first real boyfriend and she was a young human person), he was gone. Then, he still hung around, moping and drawing attention to himself, as if she had committed a downright act of treason. Admittedly, her falling for Jess so quickly in front of him was undeniably hard, and his worry about Jess, and Rory’s safety was justified.

But you know what absolutely wasn’t? Dean allowing himself to take Rory’s virginity WHILE HE WAS MARRIED. I actually felt dirty after watching that episode. Of course, they’re both in the wrong there, but Rory was understandably at a loss as to how to feel or what to do, because he, once again, manipulated her feelings for his benefit.

Though his marriage was the most ridiculous stunt (oh, sorry if Rory isn’t on board with you throwing your life away on this unremarkable other girl you’ve known for five minutes) that was all about Rory, that did not give him the right to turn Rory into “the other woman.” Them getting back together just felt wrong and forced--there’s no use in beating a dead horse. And it’s completely his fault that it ended badly.

This is why I don’t understand why everyone is so hard on Logan and college Rory; they say she became someone she wasn’t and that she changed for the worse. You know what? That came from somewhere, and Dean really damaged her. To those of you somehow remaining Team Dean, we will gladly welcome you to one of the other teams.

The runner up: Jess

Here’s the deal: Jess was hot as hell and was good at his core, but he did not treat Rory right. He had his moments, but they were few and far between, and that’s because he’s been conditioned to be his own worst enemy. Which is absolutely not his fault, and he can see that, but Rory doesn’t need that handicap in her life. It’s become her problem, and she felt totally used most of the time she was with him. Also, who was the boyfriend who made her wait by the phone? Yeah.

I love Jess: I think he’s a great character, and I love that we saw him again when Rory was in college and he was finally doing well. It doesn’t make up for lost time, but he got the ending he deserved. But that’s just it; the ending. Rory will always be the one who got away, and he knows it.

In a way, they’re a lot like Lorelai and Christopher; they absolutely should be together, but 50 percent of the party is generally unavailable, yet expects the world. It’s sad, but history means a lot for the future.

The victor: Logan

I will start off by saying that I know Logan isn’t perfect: in fact, he has a lot of the same hangups as Jess in those pre-conditioned expectations of his family and of himself. He tries so hard to not be like his family that he winds up in trouble a lot, and ends up angry at himself (and generally inebriated) for giving them the power. He had a lot of questionable moments: coming back to the apartment drunk and late, sleeping with other people; he’s not at all perfect.

But when it comes down to character and who has Rory’s best interest at heart, it’s Logan. They’re good for each other; they call each other on their BS. He was the one who told Rory she’d be back at school before she knew it because that’s who she is. And he was right. I agree it was uncharacteristic of her to leave school in the first place but sometimes, you have to be young and stubborn. She did it and he supported her accordingly, but he also didn’t let her forget who she really was.

Don’t get me wrong. Them getting arrested was not at all excusable, but if I recall, it was on Rory’s insistence, after being screwed over by his father, and he only half refused because he couldn’t resist this and was glad to have an ally in this. That’s the thing, though; they were the most natural together. They had good banter, they called each other out, then helped each other when they needed it.

Apparently, a lot of the reservations towards Logan and college Rory is money.

I get it; money can’t buy happiness, it should be earned, yadda yadda. But honestly, if money was handed to you every now and again, would you honestly not take it? Honestly? I think every time Rory got money it was justified, and it was mostly for school. She didn’t ask for a new car, she didn’t ask for a redecorated pool house, she didn’t ask for fancy clothes. She did, however, try new things, and things that her mother was so staunchly against for personal reasons. It really was big of Lorelai to let things like the coming out party slide, but other times, she was not quite as willing to let Rory try things that she resented, which is just as much of a problem.

Rory found she liked the privileged life in moderation, and why not? She watched her mother struggle to support her for so long--yes, she had a steady income and a house and all the trimmings, but not enough to pay for school--that she saw the merit in having money, and using it properly. I’m not saying one is better than the other, and I’m not saying living normally or in luxury is a competition. I’m just saying that Rory explored some options, popular or no. And Logan was one of those. And she found she liked all that. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Back to the character of Logan. The Life and Death Brigade episode (“You Jump, I Jump, Jack”) is by far the best episode of the series. Why? Because Logan included Rory, helped her, and taught her the most important lesson of all that she really needed:

In Omnia Paratus, indeed.

These two were the most adult and developed couple. Neither of them were perfect and definitely exhibited questionable behavior when it came down to it, but they worked. And if Rory ends up with anyone, it should be Logan. Yes, she turned down the proposal but, back to Dean, she saw what happens when you get married too young, and I applaud her for not wanting to make some big commitment when her career was about to take off. But is that the end of their story? Not at all.

Say what you will. I won't be opposed to a Team Jess comeback, but their history just doesn’t seem promising enough. Rory and Logan had some bumps in the road but in the end, they will prevail. But who knows. Rory's her own woman, maybe she'll be with someone new, or with no one at all. Regardless, we need A Year In the Life (the revival title- yay!), like, yesterday! Bring it on!

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