People stereotype the college life as cheap, a struggle and empty of real responsibility. Sure spending the money you don't have on insomnia at 3 am is not very wholesome. But there are some noteworthy people and things I've come across in college that have made me a more well-rounded--dare I say wholesome--person.

1. Some wholesome time in nature


The great thing about Starkville, MS is one of the few exciting things to do is get out into nature! The Noxebee Wildlife refugee is a fun 30 minute drive down what a northerner would consider a backroad. Here I enjoy some whole eno-ing, hiking, and picture taking on a quaint Sunday. It's one of the best ways to escape the stress of school.

2. A lot of wholesome pancakes

I don't know about you, but I never really have time to cook a full-on meal, nor do I have the desire. So pancakes (and eggs) are my go-to for any meal. Plus there are endless variations (I even made cookies from pancake mix!). Whenever my friends and I hang out pancakes are always our form of hospitality. Not only are pancakes wholesome in calories but also in hospitality!

3. Quite a few wholesome professors

Okay, I understand a lot of you may disagree with me on this one (cough cough engineering students), but I've honestly had some amazing professors. Considering my major is educational psychology, most of my professors have literally studied how students learn and effective teach methods (so yes i chose the best major). Many of my professors have become my personal mentors and guided me through academic and life decisions. So thank you for making my academic experience--well--wholesome.

4. Endless wholesome reflections and late night talks

College is really about finding who you are and what's important to you. Writing for the odyssey, keeping a journal, and just talking with friends are some ways I navigate my day-to-day life. Looking back now, I've come so far from my first day of freshman year, and taking time to reflect has been a hug part of that!

5. The most wholesome friends 


The best thing I got out of college (besides maybe a degree) are the friends I've made here. They have made my time at MSU so fun and meaningful. Whether I'm having a hard week or just bored and want to do something, they are always there to hang out in sweats, have car talks, or go out and do something spontaneous. Ultimate frisbee tournaments are among the best of my college memories as well. Because of the people I've met, MSU really has become home to me.