Who Should Get Their CPR Certification Online?
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Who Should Get Their CPR Certification Online?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique that can be used to save lives during an emergency. For example, when a person stops breathing or their heartbeat has stopped, knowing CPR can help you step in and keep them alive until they receive medical care.....

Who Should Get Their CPR Certification Online?

lives during an emergency. For example, when a person stops breathing or their heartbeat has stopped, knowing CPR can help you step in and keep them alive until they receive medical care. CPR keeps blood flowing to the brain and other vital organs, and when administered, it can mean the difference between life and death in emergency situations.

Nearly 350,000 cardiac arrests take place outside of hospital settings in the United States each year. Half of these individuals do not receive CPR until an ambulance arrives. But when CPR is performed within a few minutes of cardiac arrest beginning, this can double or even triple a person's chance of survival. Taking an online CPR course today can mean you may save a life tomorrow.

Online CPR Certification

Online CPR certification courses are easy to access and simple to complete. Requirements include internet access on either a laptop, tablet, or mobile device, and a willingness to learn. Once you register for your online CPR course, you can begin your classwork at a date and time that is convenient for you.

Online CPR certification courses are divided into interactive modules, which you can take in any order you please. You can complete all of the modules at once or take your time completing each module. Once you've completed all of the lessons, you can revisit the materials online as needed to refresh your skills and knowledge. How often you access the course materials and how quickly you complete the course to take your certification test is completely up to you.

Who Should Get Their CPR Certification Online?

Just about everyone can benefit from learning CPR. This invaluable skill can be incredibly important in case of an emergency. Having CPR certification and skills is a benefit to you, your family, and your community. There are a number of careers and jobs that require CPR certification, and the list continues to grow. More and more professions and organizations understand the value of having CPR-certified staff and professionals. CPR training may be required due to job licensing requirements, government rules, or individual employer requirements.

A list of jobs that currently require CPR training and certification include (but are not limited to):

• Doctors

• Nurses

• Emergency Medical Technicians

• Early childcare providers

• Lifeguards

• Firefighters

• Athletic trainers/coaches

• Flight attendants

• Dentists

Even if your current job or future career is not on the list, you can still benefit from learning CPR. Parents and caregivers of children should learn CPR to learn what to do in case of an emergency. Those who work with the elderly would also benefit from learning CPR. Anyone, including teenagers, can take online CPR courses. Not only is it a great thing to have on your resume, but these skills may help you save a life someday.

Just because your employer or profession does not require CPR certification does not mean you shouldn't take online CPR courses. The peace of mind, know-how, and skillset are immeasurably beneficial for everyone. Knowing you are ready to save a life in case of an emergency can bring tremendous confidence and peace of mind.

Learn More About Online CPR Certification

Thanks to online CPR certification classes, learning CPR has never been easier. Online CPR courses are easy to access and can be completed on your own timeline. Most online courses also provide the opportunity to ask your instructor questions privately via email or through a video chat, and some online CPR courses offer a discussion board so you can discuss any questions and concerns with fellow CPR students.

Online CPR certification course content is divided up into several different interactive modules/lesson plans that you can take in any order you wish. Online CPR courses include:

• Written content that is broken up into modules/lessons with different topics required to take the certification test

• Downloadable student manual

• Illustrations

• Instructional videos

• Interactive prompts—this helps ensure that you understand the material in each module.

• Practice questions at the end of each module/lesson

• Certification exam upon completion of all lessons to receive your certification

• Downloadable certification upon completion of the test

Whether you complete all of the lesson modules at once or take your time digesting the course materials over the span of months or weeks is up to your personal preference and schedule. Online CPR courses cover the same material that is offered in in-person classes, but you are able to revisit the material as often as you'd like and learn at your own pace. Many online CPR courses also include video-based instruction so you can see demonstrations and watch as many times as you'd like. Many in-person CPR courses also use these videos, so the content remains the same whether you take your CPR courses online or in person.

Benefits to Online CPR Certification

Taking an online CPR course is a wonderful way to learn CPR at your own pace and convenience. If you're concerned about whether or not online courses teach you as much or if you'll learn as well as you may in an in-person class, research shows that online learning is at least as effective as in-person learning. There are many benefits to taking an online CPR certification course, including:

• Learning at your own pace. Whether you choose to complete all of the modules in one sitting or digest the material over several days, weeks, or months, the choice is yours to learn at your own pace.

• Convenience. Access course materials from anywhere you have internet access, at any time of the day or night.

• Flexibility. If you have other obligations (e.g., school, work, family), you can take the online course whenever you have free time in your day or not.

• Affordability. Many online CPR courses are more affordable than in-person options.

• Digital certification & access. Access your materials at any time, and download your certification as soon as you've passed the CPR test.

• Revisit the materials as often as you'd like online.

• Save lives. Whether you're with your family or out in public, your CPR skills can help you save a life. CPR supplies much-needed oxygen to a person's brain and other vital organs. Doing CPR can increase a person's chance of survival.

Whether you're a medical professional, a parent, or a teenager who is interested in learning CPR, online CPR courses are for you. The American Academy of CPR and First Aid, Inc offers online CPR training courses for medical professionals and other individuals at affordable prices.

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