Who I Really Want To Vote For
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Who I Really Want To Vote For

If only TV characters were real.

Who I Really Want To Vote For
Morgan County Gov

Personally, I am not impressed with either presidential candidate. Although I am less impressed with one than I am the other. The 2016 Presidential campaign has been childish, I mean middle school childish, and has shown that our country is in major need of a leader. So I have put together a short list of T.V characters who are equipped to run America far better than our current presidential front-runners.

1. Olivia Pope

Who better to become the first female president than the Olivia Pope? Olivia is diplomatic, smart, hard-working, and always helps those in need (whether their need is moral or not is another discussion). Olivia knows all about political campaigns and how to win them. She's a shoo-in.

2. Rick Grimes

Rick is the leader of our beloved remaining survivors on The Walking Dead. If Rick can lead a large group of people through a zombie apocalypse while fighting off The Governor, Walkers, and now Negan? Then he can definitely run the United States of America and be the perfect Commander in Chief. Even if he does get a little trigger happy now and then.

3. Dr. Miranda Bailey

Bailey is sometimes lovingly (or not) referred to as the "nazi." She is firm and never hesitates to hand out tough love but she defends her doctors and nurses. She fights for the rights of her patients and puts their needs first. She would defend her constituents and make them work for every penny while helping those who truly need them. She is brutally honest and she knows everything. Bailey has survived a mass shooting, giving birth while her husband was close to death, and training interns. She can survive a term as President.

4. Brooke Davis

Brooke Davis is smart, compassionate, business savvy and loyal. She has all the qualities that would make her a phenomenal president. She started her own fashion company Clothes Over Bros in high school which became a multi-million dollar company by the time she was in her early 20's. Brooke could wield her power as the President as kindly and intelligently as she does while in charge of an international company.

5. Cookie Lyons

Cookie might be a little rough around the edges sometimes and occasionally beat people with brooms. However, Cookie is person you want around when you're down on your luck and when you're on top of the world. She is the epitome of loyal and sly as a fox. Cookie's no-nonsense attitude may be just what we need. Not to mention she is extremely intelligent and knows how to run a major corporation. Or hey, maybe she could just force people into peace treaties and threaten them with a broom. You never know.

6. Oliver Queen

This one speaks for itself. Billionaire, vigilante, diplomatic, smart, and killer looks. What more could you ask for in the leader of the free world?

So if all else fails, here are six candidates who would have my vote.

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