First of all, screw you.

I'm kidding-you made a great movie, but in what world do you think it's okay to play with my (and millions of other people's) emotions?


Within the first few minutes you picked up from Thor: Ragnarok and allowed Thanos to decimate the Asgardians. Thor, Loki, and only about half their people are dead-but of course, you didn't stop there. You allowed power-hungry Thanos to kill Loki, adopted brother of Thor. This was devastating not just because people love Loki, but because it left Thor with no family to speak of. THOR HAS BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH YOU MONSTERS.

You threw in a few funny tidbits after that (my favorites being Squidward and the wizards), and plenty of awesome scenes to set up the plot of the movie, but when we see Thanos succeed in getting each one of the Stones for his gauntlet, giving him the power to destroy the universe with a snap of his fingers, all hope seems lost.

Then, you let him kill Gamora. The one thing (person) he truly loved, he destroyed. Sure, I'm glad that Red Skull got his comeuppance by having to watch everyone get what they want, but that was the only good thing about this scene. I didn't even watch the Guardians of the Galaxy films all the way through yet and now I'm attached to Star-Lord and Gamora, and upset that a character I don't know that much about is dead.

You teased us when you made it seem like the Guardians, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Iron Man could get the gauntlet. They were so close and Thanos reveals that he killed Gamora and Star-Lord loses it, so Thanos gets away with the gauntlet. I love Star Lord but YOU IDIOT WHY DID YOU NOT LISTEN TO THE REST OF THEM WHEN THEY SAY TO STOP TALKING?

You also let Doctor Strange give up the Time Stone (yes, I know it was the only option in millions of potential outcomes, but that doesn't make me any less angry). He swore his life to protect it and he handed it over like it was nothing to save Tony Stark (and I guess eventually somehow he'll protect the universe?). You're letting Thanos win.

Another step closer to complete annihilation, the Avengers are, well, assembling. Most of the characters we love are there and are figuring out how best to survive, and then you bring Thanos, with all but one Infinity Stone in his grasp. They're already trying to get the Mind Stone out of Vision's head to protect him from an otherwise certain death, and Wanda is grappling with the idea that she'll have to kill her beloved Vision. Why is that the only way?

When Thanos' army arrives to Wakanda, it becomes clear that the Avengers and Wakanda's people will have to fight really hard to defeat Thanos, if it is at all possible. Wanda is able to destroy the Mind Stone, and essentially stop Thanos from getting what he wants, but with the Time Stone taken from Doctor Strange, he is able to reverse time and destroy Vision while taking the Mind Stone-and this hurt me to watch, because I love Wanda and Vision's relationship (I mean come on, she has these powers that someone exploited her for,she lost her brother, and now she loses the man? she loves! Give the girl a break). He completes his gauntlet, and snaps his fingers. The universe as we know it is gone.

Gamora asks Thanos what it cost. He says, "Everything."

The next scene makes that statement ring true, as half of the world's population disappears in what is the most heartbreaking montage of disintigrating people. I think the line that cut me to the core was sweet baby Spider-Man saying, "I don't want to go," to Tony Stark. We watch some of our favorite characters disappear and we're left wondering if any of them will stay alive for Avengers 4.

I am still emotionally traumatized by this movie, because it was so well-made. I want to destroy Thanos myself tbh. Loved the funny parts, the sad parts made me cry, and the action parts made me pumped up-all the trademarks of a well-written movie, though I wanted to go through the script with White-Out and make it all better again. Ah well, profits will be gained for the fourth one.