There are many things you likely aren't sure about--for example, how exactly did the legends of the Norse gods arise? Or, why do I have to pay hundreds of dollars to park at a university I already pay thousands of dollars in tuition for? How do the Norse gods and my college studies intersect? I'm happy to tell you that I can answer the last question. Read on to find out which Norse god you are most like, based on your college major.

1. Ymir: History

Ymir is the "first being" of Norse mythology, the ancestor of all gods, goddesses, and magical beings. History majors have an eye for the past, for tracing lines of the present back to their formations.

2. Odin: Creative Writing

Odin is the most well-known of the Norse gods, yet, still, possibly the most enigmatic. In addition to being the king of the Norse gods, Odin is the god of poetry and characterized by his relentless search for knowledge. Creative Writing majors have to explore their own minds, imagination, and humanity as a whole in order to write creatively and truthfully. Like Odin, the search for knowledge and inspiration never ceases.

3. Frigg: Early Education

Frigg, the goddess of the sky, is connected to themes of foreknowledge and motherhood. Early Education majors choose a career path that involves spending most of their time with children and investing in them from an early age, knowing the impact it will have in their lives.

4. Thor: Exercise Science 


No, we're not talking about Chris Hemsworth's version here. In Norse mythology, Thor is the god of thunder and agriculture, regarded to be the strongest of all beings. Exercise Science majors recognize the important of physical fitness and would make Thor proud.

5. Balder: Communication

Balder was the most-loved of the Norse gods, epitomizing light and graciousness. Like Balder, Communication majors learn how to understand and connect to people.

6. Tyr: Business

Tyr is the god of war and glory, but dealt with more than battlefield conflict. Tyr's realm also included treaties, negotiations, and politics. Like Tyr, Business majors are ambitious but also detail-oriented.

7. Bragi: Linguistics

Like Odin, Bragi is also regarded as the god of poetry. But Bragi is also the god of music, known for his wisdom and skill with stories. Bragi sings in the halls of Valhalla, delighting the warriors' afterlife with tales of the past, present, and future. Like Bragi, Linguistics majors know the affect of words and language on people's lives (and afterlives).

8. Loki: Theatre

The trickster god Loki's defining characteristic is his ability to shapeshift between forms to get what he wants. Like Loki, part of the life of a Theatre major is the ability to put on a figurative mask to become who they need to be.

9. Hel: Law

Hel is one of the most powerful of all the Norse gods and goddesses, as it was her duty to judge the souls of the dead. Law students, like Hel, often have a lot of responsibility resting on their shoulders, and work that requires thoughtfulness and thoroughness.

10. Freyr: Agriculture

Freyr, with his sister Freya, rules over beauty, harvests, peace, wealth, and fertility. Although many fields of study could draw from Freyr's inspiration, Agriculture students respect the power and importance of the earth in a way Freyr would undoubtedly respect.