Which 'Grey's Anatomy' Character Do You Resemble?
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Which 'Grey's Anatomy' Character Do You Resemble?

Out of 16 different surgeons; who will you be?

Which 'Grey's Anatomy' Character Do You Resemble?

Meredith Grey

You are dark and stormy inside with an extreme amount of courage and strength to do your job. You have a ‘person’ that you go to and count on for everything. You have some family drama but overcome it. You are feisty, fun, and yet, can also be very serious.

Cristina Yang

You are an overachiever and your life revolves around your work. You sometimes tend to put work over your relationships. You are confident, strong, and always willing to speak your mind with a driven, hyper-intelligent, and ambitious voice.

Alex Karev

You hate liars and respect those who are truthful and faithful. Despite your difficult childhood, you want a good life for yourself and will work really hard to make that happen. If you’re anything like Alex Karev, then you’re handsome, smart, and confident! Sometimes you’re arrogant and show as emotionally unavailable, but you’re truly loving and caring deep inside.

Derek Shepherd

If you are Derek Shepherd, then you are the dreamiest. You live a fast-paced and high-stress lifestyle. You like coffee ice cream, single malt scotch, fly fishing, ferry boats, and occasionally a good cigar. You are charming, handsome, and brilliant!

George O'Malley

The famous 007! If you’re a George O'Malley, then you’re the heart-in-the-elevator, driven, and jump-in-front-of-a-bus-to-save-someone kind of guy. You’re kind, timid, and a bit of a nerd, but that makes you a great person.

Izzie Stevens

If you’re Izzie Stevens, then you’ve faced a lot of hardships in your life, but used them to be better. You know how to support yourself and you have a lot of hobbies such as, cooking, baking, sewing, and maybe falling in love with patients and cutting LVad wires--but hey, at least you’re beautiful.

Richard Webber

You are Chief! You are captain of everything and have many responsibilities. Like many of the other characters, you have a rough past that continues to affect your future, but you are finally cleaning it up. Other than that, you are wise, stoic, and strong.

Ellis Grey

You are very powerful and talented. Sometimes it’s difficult to express your feelings toward the ones you love, but they know deep down you mean well. You tend to put your work first and this brings you many challenges. You are driven, strong, and an overachiever.

Lexie Grey (Little Grey)

You are a happy and popular girl with smiley face posters on your pink walls in your room at home! You have a complicated family tree, but you always try your hardest to be friends with everyone you meet and know. Your superpower is having a photographic memory and being able to binge eat sweets when stressed. You are optimistic, empathetic, and vulnerable with a perky and awkward personality that can be both endearing and off-putting and a little unsure of yourself. But, you always mean well.

Mark Sloan

You are McSteamy! You are very self-absorbed, confident, and narcissistic, but come to be subject to change. You are smug and often find yourself in complicated relationships, but after awhile, you narrow down what it is you truly want in life: love, a family, and happiness.

Addison Montgomery

You are a free-spirited and beautiful woman! You can never seem to find exactly what you’re looking for or know what’s best for you, but figuring it out comes in time. You are strong, intelligent, confident, and a force of nature. You can have anything (and any man) that you want and all you need to do is figure out what will make you happy.

Jackson Avery

You have a beautiful face that loves to eat waffles and impress your colleagues! You are honest, quick-witted, protective, and composed without being afraid to say what’s on your mind, even if it means hurting someone else’s feelings. You’re usually even-keeled and impartial, but can also be stubborn when it comes to something you truly believe in!

April Kepner

You were raised in a loving, Christian family on a farm with a lot of siblings. You are open-minded, empathetic, forgiving, perky, compassionate, creative, but a little neurotic! Your red hair adds a unique touch to your emotional and loving personality.

Callie Torres

You’re super sassy and won’t let anyone tell you what to do. Though you may have done some embarrassing things in your past, you’re proud of who you are and where you’re going. You’re confident, outgoing, and competitive! You can be an occasional risk-taker and you love to dance in your underwear without regrets!

Arizona Robbins

If you’re anything like Arizona Robbins, then you’re a beam of positive, perky sunshine with a mix of a strong, assertive, and confident personality. You believe that a spoonful of sugar helps the tough love go down. You tend to think you’re always right and can be stubborn, but this doesn’t stop you from being your best and loving self.

Owen Hunt

You can stay calm under pressure, give clear commands, and think outside the box! Sometimes you can be old-fashioned when it comes to things like honor, duty, family, and love, and you see things in black and white. You are assertive, instinctual, level-headed, and quick on your feet.

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