5 Friends You Have That Are The Same As The 'Gossip Girl' Characters

5 Friends You Have That Are The Same As The 'Gossip Girl' Characters

You know you love Gossip Girl, but which one do you love the most?

You loved them and you hated them but you couldn't help but to watch their lives unfold. These five friends who have had rocky lives captured all teens and young adults they contacted. The five can be seen in any friend group, and you know which one you are.

1. Serena van der Woodsen

The kinda bad girl kinda good girl. Everyone envies her beauty but they know she is breakable. She loves the attention but knows it is okay to not have it all on her. If you're this friend you love making everyone like you and you never really want anyone to remain mad at you.

2. Nate Archibald

The good boy. The friend you want to take home to mom and dad. The one who everyone wants but can't quite seem to get their hands on. He's got the looks, the athletic abilities, and the money. What more could you want? This friend much like the Serena wants to please everyone and is somewhat the glue of the friendship.

3. Dan Humphrey

Dan, oh, how we've went through a love hate relationship with him. This friend is the one that always stirs the pot, while at times it's unintentional most of the time it is. The one who lurks in the background and never wants to be on the forefront, but when they are in the spotlight they aren't real sure how to handle it.

4. Chuck Bass

He wins you over no matter what because he's the bad boy we all want to be good. Throughout the show everyone works to make Chuck see his potential. We all have someone we know that is like this. While he does some pretty dirty things deep down he has a good heart. There's always that one by in your life that is like that as well. He is the Chuck Bass we all want.

5. Blair Waldorf

Queen B. She reigns and you either love, hate, or fear her. The one who seems to be perfect. The one who seems to have everything together. While she may look like that on the outside sometimes on the inside her whole world is crashing down. She is the strong and we all make sure to endure her reign and there is always when she will return once she has fallen.

This show ruled my life and many others lives. While we watched their worlds unfold we dreamed of which one we would be. We molded ourselves into the ones we saw the most in ourselves.

I saw Blair in myself, and I see the others in my friends. They were the upper east siders and we can only hope to be as influential and powerful they each were in their own aspect. That is how we should be too. Own who we are and show off our inner Gossip Girl.

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On days when you have early nights where you can go to sleep, then go to sleep cause trust me, sooner or later you are going to realize that as you get older you start to stay up more due to stress or workload.

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