which character from friends are you

Which "Friends" character are you in your friend group?

Are you a Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Joey, or Chandler?


Most of us have watched the iconic comedy television show that aired from the 90s to the early 2000s, and now can be found on Netflix.

"Friends" has made countless Americans laugh since 1994, and the characters in the show have relatable lives and personalities that cause some of us to say "hey, that's like me." But how do you know which "Friends" character you are? Read on below to find out more about each character.

1. Rachel Green a.k.a. Jennifer Aniston


Rachel Green is the beautiful and confident member of the "Friends" group. However, she has her flaws. She tends to be a drama queen in the show. However, her flirting skills were on point, as she seemed to have a new date or boyfriend in every show. Her love life tended to get a little messy, especially with co-character, Ross. Despite her flaws, she was a lovable character, since she truly cared about her friends and her friends were always there for her. If you are slightly dysfunctional but lovable, you might be a Rachel Green.

2. Ross Geller a.k.a. David Schiwimmer


Ross Geller, a paleontologist, who is constantly made fun of by his friends for being obsessed with dinosaurs and a nerd. He tries to be a light-hearted guy, but when things bother him, he has problems with keeping his feelings inside. Like a soft teddy bear, he can be slightly insecure and sensitive. To some, he can seem whiny, but he is just a sensitive guy. He is caring about the people who he is close to. For example, he is protective of his little sister, co-character, Monica. If you wear your feelings on your sleeve and have abundant knowledge of things you are interested in, you may be a Ross.

3. Monica Geller a.k.a. Courteney Cox


Monica Geller is the little sister of Ross and has been best friends with Rachel Green since high school. Monica can seem a little uptight, with all the cleaning she does. However, she is an amazing cook, and at several of the Thanksgiving shows in the tv show, she was the main cook of the holiday season. She runs a tight ship, keeping everyone in line, but she does it because she genuinely thinks it's for the best of everyone. She likes to be right, and if you try to compete with her, prepare to hear a lot of trash talk from her. If you are the organizer of your friend group, maybe you are a Monica.

4. Phoebe Buffay a.k.a. Lisa Kudrow


The third member of the girl crew in the friend group, Phoebe is not afraid to say how she feels. She has a strong personality, which may be from the years that she was homeless and she lived on the streets. She will fight her friends in a heartbeat. She can be a little ditsy, but this just makes the show even funnier. Throughout the show, she sings and plays the guitar badly at the coffee shop, Central Perk. If you would fight to protect things you care about and are passionate, you may be a Phoebe.

5. Chandler Bing a.k.a. Matthew Perry


Chandler Bing's humor can make one cringe or burst out laughing until tears roll down their face. His humor is not always appreciated, but at times, he says the funniest and perfect one-liners out of anyone on the show. If you are too funny for your own good, you may be a Chandler Bing.

6. Joey Tribbani a.k.a. Matt LeBlanc


Last but not least, Joey Tribbani, the attractive and struggling actor. He isn't the brightest, and he isn't the best at acting, but this doesn't stop him from pursuing his passion of acting. And it pays off because he makes it into some pretty big acting roles. He has two main loves in his life: girls and food. He is a big flirt and tends to get a lot of girls, but nothing is more important to him than his food and his friends. He has his priorities straight, I guess. If you love to entertain others, you may be a Joey.


No matter which character you are and aren't, our friends can make our lives happier and we can be happier knowing that they will always be there for you.

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