For a few days now, campus has been kind of empty. Almost all of my friends have been gone, which stinks, but I have been texting them. At first I would ask them where they went, but they would always just tell me to "stop being stupid" or that I'm "not being funny." Well, this only lead me to believe that THEY were the ones trying to be funny.

Here is what I have deduced. When I took my 5 day nap during finals week, everybody moved their stuff out of the rooms, hid it, and then hid themselves. It is like a huge game of hide and seek, and I think I'm it. A few R.As and freshmen are still on South, so I guess not everyone is playing, but 99% of the people on South Campus, and honestly, main campus too, are just straight up gone.

I checked the Newswire and whatnot but I didn't see anything that it seemed like I missed. So I can only assume this is some sort of Truman Show like conspiracy meant to be a prank on me.

I'm not even lying, you guys are really good at hiding, like I've only found a few of you guys. I don't really get the joke but every time I find somebody they just say "I wasn't hiding, I'm staying for senior week, I'm in band." Sore losers I guess.

This time searching has given me a lot of time to reflect actually, about the past year and how much I love this place so much, but it feels like I love it less when there are no people around. I guess you guys are what make it home... lol or something stupid like that haha. No, I'm not crying, shut up lmao. I just got dirt in my eye after looking for people under the picnic tables.

But for real guys, I get it. ha ha. Joke's over. Come back, I high-key miss you guys a lot.