Where to go shopping for Christmas gifts for everyone in your life in Tallahassee
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Where to go shopping for Christmas gifts for everyone in your life in Tallahassee

These shops, found in every shopping district in town, are perfect spots to go Christmas shopping.

Where to go shopping for Christmas gifts for everyone in your life in Tallahassee


Gypsy Rose Apparel — Gypsy Rose Boutique, offering stylish women's clothing and accessories, is located in the heart of Bannerman Crossings at 6668 Thomasville Rd and also at 1350 Market Street Suite 104.

The Southern Pines — At The Southern Pines, located at 3427 Bannerman Rd Suite 103, an array of men's apparel, bar necessities, home goods, and more are sold, offering great gifts for the guys.

Cotton Colors — The flagship Cotton Colors store, located at 1355 Market St # A, offers cute gifts, decor, pottery, and more.


Sparkle Tallahassee — Sparkle Tallahassee, located at 1240 Thomasville Rd #102, offers trendy and stylish women's clothing in a variety of sizes at an affordable price.

Southern Compass Outfitters — Southern Compass Outfitters, a men's apparel shop in the heart of Midtown, is located at 1817 Thomasville Rd #610 and offers classic southern-inspired clothing.

Midtown Reader — For book lovers, Midtown Reader, an independently-owned bookstore that is located at 1123 Thomasville Rd, is the one-stop shop for everything on your book wish list.


The Other Side Vintage — The Other Side Vintage, located in Railroad Square at 607 McDonnell Dr, is a thrift shop lover's dream offering furniture, clothing, records, home goods, and everything in between.

The Shoebox — Visiting The Shoebox, located at 2820 South Monroe Street, is a shoe shopping experience that offers thousands of styles and sizes of shoes to browse and try on.

Curio Goods — Curio Goods, also located in Railroad Square at 1046 Commercial Drive, specializes in uncommon and unique jewelry, clothing, accessories, and more.


Nic's Toggery — In the heart of Downtown Tallahassee, Nic's Toggery offers unique, southern menswear in a variety of styles and sizes.

Avant Garb — Avant Garb, a vintage item shop located at 1699 N Monroe St, sells vintage men and women's clothing, records, jewelry, and more.

Quarter Moon Imports — Located at The Shops at Lake Ella at 1641 N Monroe St, Quarter Moon Imports sells eclectic and stylish women's clothing, accessories, jewelry, and home goods.


Ooh La La Boutique — The Collegetown location of Ooh La La Boutique, located at 699 West Gaines Street, offers a variety of trendy women's clothing, accessories, jewelry, and more.

Campus Greek & Embroidery Shop — Campus Greek & Embroidery Shop, located at 631 W. Madison St., specializes in custom game day products, sorority and branding apparel, gifts, and more.

Tally + Fin — Tally + Fin, a beach boutique, located at 815 W. Madison Street Suite 108, sells fashion-forward boho and chic women's apparel, right in the heart of Collegetown.
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