Where Is One Direction?

On New Year's Eve of 2015, the boy band One Direction performed together as a group for the last time before announcing a hiatus.

The worldwide group sensation insisted that their hiatus would only last for 18 months... however, the shot-clock has surpassed that time and has reached a little over two years.

As I was quite obsessed with them in my younger teen years, I, of course, eagerly awaited the end of the hiatus. In my adulthood, I have recently remembered that they are still not back. This has left me with a few questions.

So, where are One Direction? What are all of the members up to and is there any sign of a reunion in sight?

Currently, they are all doing solo work.

Harry released his self-titled album in May of 2017. His 2018 tour will be based on the tracks on this album. He will be playing Bankers Life Fieldhouse on June 27.

Niall released his album "Flicker" at the end of October 2017. He is also planning a tour and he will be playing Ruoff Home Mortgage Center here in Indiana on August 26.

Zayn released an album shortly after leaving the band in March of 2015. He did not do a tour to accompany his album.

Louis and Liam have both released a few singles here and there and have yet to release albums. They have all been featured on the radio.

At this point in time, there is no reunion in sight, as they all seem to be busy with their solo careers. However; it has been rumored that they will reunite in 2020. There is no confirmation for this rumor, it is just speculation.

I carry a great amount of hope that they will return soon so that I can relive my days as a 14-year-old and reminisce in the 1D memories.

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