The other day I went to the movie theater and I saw Deep Water Horizon. As I watched the movie, and I realized that the deaths were truly caused by BP's greed and lust, I realized that that is a force of nature that can be reckoned with o term of civilization losing their humanity. It was not enough to be a multi-billion dollar company but instead, they had to throw away the morals of safety and humanistic common values of caring for one another well-being and it cost men their lives. People know the risks of dangerous jobs, but when the people that we put in trust of our lives play with the gun that is in our mouths, and they toy with the string attached to the trigger that has a dollar on the other end, who are we to trust when civilization is run, and functions around such individuals?

It is not just this one incident that it to blame. Look at sweat shops, discrimination, racism, politics, murderers, rapists, or anything to do with a humanistic value gone wrong. I grow nauseous at the thought of living in such a world. I grow disgusted at the thought that we drone on throughout life thinking that life is just, and what we have made of it is all we can do. That we function with the system that implores us to go to endless amounts of school, get a high paying job and have a family. As if everyone has the opportunity, as if everyone is made equal. The problem with the system is that it is a system made around dollar signs and technology failed to realize that the world is ever changing and evolving in ways that cannot be contained by paper and numbers. It is being evolved into a place where there is a rich and a poor, there is a black and a white. There are going to be the same sexes that fall in love and the time is coming where individuals will no longer hide who they are as a person. We are learning that you should be you no matter how low it may bring you because the right people will love the person that you are truly meant to be. There is inequality, and I believe that one day the system will fall to pieces the way individuals have left themselves behind trying to become a part of something that was never truly meant for them. The system is not meant for humanity, that is why there is so little of it left.