Every Single One Of My Roommates Has Transferred And It’s Them, Not Me

As I was taking in the fact that I'm halfway done with college with one of my roommates and best friends, I realized that all of my roommates I have ever had transferred to a new school.

Whether we had a great relationship as roommates, we were best friends for a semester, met through mutual friends or were completely random — they're all gone now and I'm left taking on College of Charleston day by day.

Recently, I've been thinking about my strengths frequently and all of my strengths have to do with people, such as communication or positivity.

I'm rarely at a loss for words — I am constantly making friends and I love getting to know people. No one really intimidates me that much and I want to know about people and their story and why they wake up in the morning.

You can never make enough connections or friends.

"In this world, there are no strangers, only friends you haven't met."

I came to a school where I knew no one and I went random on my roommate because I knew no matter how different from me she could be I would be able to relate her.

I remember moving into college and not having a roommate at the start of my freshmen year because my random roommate had texted me a month before to tell me she wasn't coming to The College at all. So I started the journey off with two suitemates and no roommate.

Everything seemed scary that first weekend and I honestly bounced around to different friend groups all throughout my first year.

There was a lot of roommate drama that first year and it truly was not my fault.

I just said now positivity is one of my strengths but this is going to sound so negative — every time I thought things were looking up that first year, some other sh*t hit the fan.

I had four different roommates in two years and it made me who I am today.

I'll say this until the end: living in the dorms in college builds character and no one will change my mind about that.

Everyone reading this probably thought I was going to spill all the tea and blast all of my ex-roommates' news so here it is...

All four of my college roommates I've had in the past two years transferred and I was NOT a bad roommate.

P.S. I love my roommates this year! They are my freakin' BFFs and I love College of Charleston! All of you are fake for transferring, but I hope you're happy and I love you!



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