When You Give A Girl A Dog

When You Give A Girl A Dog

“What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs.”

Dogs; mostly everybody loves them... if you don't I don't understand how. They are fluffy and cute and so loving and sweet. And ooooooh the puppy breath. But here’s the things… dogs are much more than just that. They’re a companion. Dogs are one of the most honest and purest of hearts. They love unconditionally and you’ll never know a greater more innocent love than a dog’s.

Dogs learn to be your best friend and companion the minute that you bring them home. They find that there is a certain bond between it and its owner and there is a love that cannot be replaced. You would do anything for this puppy and I promise it would do anything for you. But while puppies are still loving they’re also still learning… so when they pee in the floor or they chew up your favorite pair of shoes just be patient; they’re still learning the difference in right and wrong.

See, to us they’re dogs, we have other things going on in our lives. But to them, we’re all they have. So anytime we leave, they tend to get nervous and they chew up stuff and destroy your house, but they do it because they're either scared or bored, and because of that they get lonely. They simply just wait on you to come home because their whole life revolves around you. But when you're there, they are right beside you and they never leave your side because they're just that loyal.

Dogs can sense any sort of emotion you have. They pick up on body language and they can literally sense the type of emotions you are having. If a dog can sense that you are scared or that you are nervous, the dog becomes on high alert, and they stop at nothing to protect you. When you're sad, they tend to comfort you because they know that's what you need. And when you're happy then they are happy and all is well in the world.

To me, my Bella girl is my best friend. She was a stray puppy that my best friend saved. I took her in and the rest is history. She knows all of my secrets and she knows when to comfort me when I am sad. There have been multiple times I have held her and cried and she didn’t move, because she knew that was what I was needing was her comfort. There’s also many times she doesn’t want to be held or touched because she’s a strong independent girl, but when you need her she knows it and she allows it. We play and she loves all of her squeaky toys and to have her tummy rubbed. Ever since she was a puppy we would lay in bed at bedtime and watch Friends together (Joey is her favorite btw). So now every night we put on Friends and we go to sleep, right after I hold her for a little while and say my prayers.

(Yes, she actually sleeps like this, no lie lololololol)

She's super weird sometimes about how her toys are and what specific toys she'll play with. She drives me insane with her obsession of picking through her dog food and only getting the pieces she wants, leaving the others on the floor and they HURT when you step on them. She is obsessed with ice, anytime Dad has some in his cup and it rattles he has to give her some. She loves to play in the water and retrieve but when she's done, she's done. She hates pictures which is so bad for her because I take millions.

See, I have always been pretty tough on Bella, not because I didn't like her or because I wanted her to be scared of me; simply just because I really wanted her to listen to me and know I mean what I say. Many times I have scolded her, many times I have spanked her, but you know what... she still welcomes me with a wagging tail. And that means more to me than anything. I know she loves me. Dogs literally have so much love for people it's incredible even when they're getting scolded. That's all they know is happiness. That's what I mean by dogs are the most honest and purest of hearts. They always forgive and always love... even if in your mind you don't deserve it. There so pure and innocent, I don't understand how anybody could not be a dog person.

I dread the day when I don’t have my Bella girl anymore, so I just don’t think about it. One day I know my only regret will be that I’m not always with her, and she might not understand that I go to school and go to work, but she understands that I love her… hopefully. I wish that everybody in the world could allow themselves to feel the love of a dog. It’s one of the greatest bonds anybody could ever have. Because I was given a dog, I was given a best friend for the amount of time that I have her with me. She has such a funny personality and she makes me laugh and most of the things that she does. So when you give a girl a dog, know that her life is pretty much going to change for the better and that no matter what... she has a best friend to grow up with.

P.S. This whole article was inspired by my readings of A Dog’s Purpose. Don’t read it unless you want to cry. That and it’ll just make you love your dog more and more and become twice as attached and completely rip your heart into a million pieces.

P.S.S. read it anyways.

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I Went To "The Bachelor" Auditions

And here's why you won’t be seeing me on TV.

It’s finally time to admit my guilty pleasure: I have always been a huge fan of The Bachelor.

I can readily admit that I’ve been a part of Bachelor fantasy leagues, watch parties, solo watching — you name it, I’ve gone the whole nine yards. While I will admit that the show can be incredibly trashy at times, something about it makes me want to watch it that much more. So when I found out that The Bachelor was holding auditions in Houston, I had to investigate.

While I never had the intention of actually auditioning, there was no way I would miss an opportunity to spend some time people watching and check out the filming location of one of my favorite TV shows.

The casting location of The Bachelor, The Downtown Aquarium in Houston, was less than two blocks away from my office. I assumed that I would easily be able to spot the audition line, secretly hoping that the endless line of people would beg the question: what fish could draw THAT big of a crowd?

As I trekked around the tanks full of aquatic creatures in my bright pink dress and heels (feeling somewhat silly for being in such nice clothes in an aquarium and being really proud of myself for somewhat looking the part), I realized that these auditions would be a lot harder to find than I thought.

Finally, I followed the scent of hairspray leading me up the elevator to the third floor of the aquarium.

The doors slid open. I found myself at the end of a large line of 20-something-year-old men and women and I could feel all eyes on me, their next competitor. I watched as one woman pulled out her travel sized hair curler, someone practiced answering interview questions with a companion, and a man (who was definitely a little too old to be the next bachelor) trying out his own pick-up lines on some of the women standing next to him.

I walked to the end of the line (trying to maintain my nonchalant attitude — I don’t want to find love on a TV show). As I looked around, I realized that one woman had not taken her eyes off of me. She batted her fake eyelashes and looked at her friend, mumbling something about the *grumble mumble* “girl in the pink dress.”

I felt a wave of insecurity as I looked down at my body, immediately beginning to recognize the minor flaws in my appearance.

The string hanging off my dress, the bruise on my ankle, the smudge of mascara I was sure I had on the left corner of my eye. I could feel myself begin to sweat. These women were all so gorgeous. Everyone’s hair was perfectly in place, their eyeliner was done flawlessly, and most of them looked like they had just walked off the runway. Obviously, I stuck out like a sore thumb.

I walked over to the couches and sat down. For someone who for the most part spent most of the two hours each Monday night mocking the cast, I was shocked by how much pressure and tension I felt in the room.

A cop, stationed outside the audition room, looked over at me. After a brief explanation that I was just there to watch, he smiled and offered me a tour around the audition space. I watched the lines of beautiful people walk in and out of the space, realizing that each and every one of these contestants to-be was fixated on their own flaws rather than actually worrying about “love.”

Being with all these people, I can see why it’s so easy to get sucked into the fantasy. Reality TV sells because it’s different than real life. And really, what girl wouldn’t like a rose?

Why was I so intimidated by these people? Reality TV is actually the biggest oxymoron. In real life, one person doesn’t get to call all the shots. Every night isn’t going to be in a helicopter looking over the south of France. A real relationship depends on more than the first impression.

The best part of being in a relationship is the reality. The best part about yourself isn’t your high heels. It’s not the perfect dress or the great pick-up lines. It’s being with the person that you can be real with. While I will always be a fan of The Bachelor franchise, this was a nice dose of reality. I think I’ll stick to my cheap sushi dates and getting caught in the rain.

But for anyone who wants to be on The Bachelor, let me just tell you: Your mom was right. There really are a lot of fish in the sea. Or at least at the aquarium.

Cover Image Credit: The Cut

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From A Rescue Dog: Thank You For Putting Me On A Chain

You tried to keep me chained to a tree, but I found my forever home in someone's arms.


When I was a puppy, I saw different families come to get my brothers and sisters and take them home. I was sad, but I knew my day was coming. I knew that soon, I would have a family come get me. Then, you came. You picked me. I thought it was the happiest day of my life!

When we first got home, you let me stay inside. I thought I was the luckiest puppy in the world. But, I started having accidents in the house. I didn't know any better. I spent all day inside by myself; what was I supposed to do? I also chewed up a few things: sunglasses, shoes, and a hat to be exact. But, isn't that what puppies do? You fussed at me, a lot. I swear I didn't know it was going to make you mad, or I promise I wouldn't have done it. After a few days, you'd had enough. You took me outside. I thought we were going in the yard to play. I didn't know I'd never go inside again.

You took me to a tree in the backyard and attached a chain to my collar. It was so heavy. I didn't know what was happening. You left me a bowl of food and a bowl of water but nothing else. I didn't have a dog house or any toys. I heard you say that I didn't deserve it. I wish you knew how sorry I was. I hated being outside all by myself. I cried all night. I cried every night for a few weeks, but I eventually gave up. It wasn't doing anything.

You used to come to bring me fresh food and water every day, but after a few months, you began to forget about me. You gave me food and water maybe once a week. Do you have any idea how hot I was in the summer? Especially when you forgot to give me more water. The winter was even worse. I was freezing cold every single night. I'd wake up in the mornings covered in frost.

My whole body ached. Your kids would be outside playing, and they wouldn't come near me anymore. I had fleas. I didn't smell good. I probably looked scary because I was so skinny; you could see almost all of my bones. I was heartbroken. When you'd come outside, I'd bark because I wanted your attention. You didn't care... I lived outside on this chain for almost a year. I was hopeless. I was stuck. My heart was broken. I wished you loved me back.

Then, one day while you were all gone, a lady saw me. Neither of us knew it then, but the second she looked into my eyes, I became hers. She had a place in her heart just for me. She noticed I didn't have any food or water, so she gave me some. She was so nice. I got hugs and kisses; I had forgotten what those felt like. She even let me give her kisses back! The lady left, and I was so sad. I thought about her all night. Apparently, she thought about me all night, too. Because, the next day, she came back.

I saw her talking to you, but I didn't know what was going on. She walked over to me and took my collar off. I was a little confused, but it felt so good to not have my neck weighed down by the heavy chain. I jumped on her and gave her so many kisses. She didn't yell at me like you used to. She just smiled with tears in her eyes. She called me to follow her to her car. I looked for you, but you had gone back inside. I wouldn't ever see you again. This was actually the happiest day of my life.

She took me to her home, and she let me go inside. She put me in the bathtub, and I was scared at first, but it felt so good to be clean. After my bath, she gave me food and water. I ate and began to feel much better. She let me sit on the couch with her, and I fell asleep with her rubbing my belly. I woke up, and she took me outside. I was so scared I wasn't going to get to come back in, but I did! She let me come back in. That night, I slept in the bed with her. I was so happy.

This is my life every day now. I get to love her, and she loves me back. I am so thankful that she saved me. I'm not outside in the heat or freezing cold. I'm not hungry or thirsty. I'm not neglected. I'm not abused. I'm with her. I am taken care of.

I hope you never get another dog. You don't deserve one. But, thank you for getting me. Thank you for leaving me on a chain. Without you, I wouldn't have found my forever home. I wouldn't know what love is. I wouldn't get to love my human every single day. She loves me more than you ever could. So, thank you.


A Rescue Dog

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