You're giving her a protector.

You're giving her the world.

I've grown up with dogs my whole life so they've always held a special place in my heart. There was Bailey, the chocolate lab my parents had when I was born. There was Molly, the black lab I had as a child. Then Lucy, our first rescue dalmatian. And finally, my main man, Charlie.

We adopted Charlie when he was only a puppy from a rescue group. He was a goofy, hyper pup who brought a lot of joy into our family. Lucy had a lot of cancer and eventually started having seizures which resulted in us putting her to sleep, so it took a while for us to get another dog. Charlie was what we needed to be complete.

He brings us so much laughter.

He brings so much love.

A couple of months ago he started having health troubles that we've somewhat concluded has to do with a disk or a nerve in his neck. He wasn't eating. He wasn't moving. He was in constant pain. I was terrified of what could possibly happen to my best friend. We still don't totally know what's going on, but we're able to manage his pain and his days are more good than bad.

May also happens to be National Pet Month.

National Pet Month is a celebration of the benefits that pets bring to people's lives - and vice versa. It is observed annually in the United States in May and during the month of April in the United Kingdom.

What's your best pet story?