1. "Who was the idiot who convinced me to sign up for this?"

Moments later, you realize you were the idiot who convinced yourself to sign up for this. At the time, the thought of running 26.2 miles didn't seem impossible. Five hours of running? No big deal, I can do anything for five hours! I've watched "Grey's Anatomy" and sat on Pinterest for five hours, how different can running be?

(So different. So SO different.)

2. "I'm going to run the WHOLE TIME. I won't stop!"

One hour into your training run and you rethink this. Maybe I'll just run for three miles and walk one, then run three, and walk one. That's a good system, right? Or maybe I'll just run until I can't run anymore and walk the rest! People walk these things all the time, what's the big deal? Then you internally remind yourself that walking is not an option and you convince your legs to keep moving.

3. "Spandex is a horrible horrible invention."

You realize this as you get close to hour two and your thighs burn and you keep having to pull them down over your butt so you don't flash anyone. Lesson learned for the race though, definitely not running in spandex.

4. "I need food but I'm not hungry in the slightest."


When you run your metabolism speeds up, and I always forget about that part. However, after running for so long you feel slightly ill and have no desire to eat. But once your body calms down, the more food you can consume the better.

5. I have never known true boredom before this moment

Running for that amount of time can be tedious, and after a while can become unbelievably boring. It doesn't matter what music you have or what podcast, you have to convince yourself you are not bored.