Snow is a sticky subject. Some people hate it, while others love it. Some dare to drive in it, while others wrap themselves up in blankets and wait out the storm. But, no matter what camp you fall into, you have to admit, it's pretty darn beautiful.

It's a beautiful work of art captured right before my eyes. As the earth is covered in a blanket of fresh snow, the constant chaos and noise stops, if only for a moment, as I stop to see the wonder of our Heavenly King. Every year, as fall turns into winter and the trees shed there leaves, I wait in anticipation for that very first Michigan snowfall. The one where I watch out my window and slowly see the world change. I watch and see the beauty graciously given to me by my Heavenly King.

I stop and stare as snow covers the place I call home. I stand in awe as Michigan falls silent for a instant. As the chaos grows dim and for a split second, as the first snow fall covers the ground, I swear I can hear the voice of God, crystal clear in the silence.

He beckons us to listen, to find peace, and if only for a moment, to bask in the wonder of His grace. You see, when the snow falls, when the world that we live in is covered for the first time in a blanket of pure, white snow, I am reminded of the forgiveness we are given. We get so caught up in the chaos and tragedy that this world holds, that we forget that we are children of the one true King. We are forgiven of all our messy sin. So, when the snow falls and cover this world, it reminds me that I am covered in Gods grace. A grace and forgiveness that is given to me, even though I have done nothing to deserve it. A Grace that, like the snow, covers me and gives me peace.

The snow falls around me and once again, I stand in awe of the beauty and stillness that surrounds me.