I hate social media. I know, it’s almost sacrilegious to say this, but I really hate it. I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Lord knows how many other sites I’ve signed up for over the years, and I hate each and every single one of them. There’s the obvious reasons to hate them. Facebook, for instance, always has one of the three of these: a girl I know from middle school who dropped out of high school and is now talking about how she wants a Ferrari, two people yelling at each other with just terrible grammar, or a liberal/conservative voicing their opinion about the election. Don’t lie, you've seen something along these lines before. On a good day, maybe you see a cool recipe or a video of a puppy. Twitter is mostly people doing the new video challenge of the month, or people posting strange innuendos as a very needy call for attention. Instagram, oh God Instagram, Instagram is people taking extremely posed pictures to make their life look like it’s way more fun than it actually is.

I still use all of these stupid things because let face it, they're amusing. I didn’t really see anything wrong with social media until last summer. I was on vacation in the beach town we used to live in and my dad offered to bring us fishing. We used to go all the time so I was excited, and then I realized I was more excited to get pictures for Instagram. I mean I’d be with a fish and in a bikini, that’s just Like central. I almost slapped myself. I wanted to go fishing to get likes from people who honestly I barely know and don’t care about. I still posted the picture; but when I was out there fishing I tried to take in the experience. I think that what social media has really done to us, is made us forget to do something for the experience rather than for the likes. Still go take that picture, but take it so you have something physical to remember your experience from, and not for the superficialness of likes that we’ve been trained to crave.