When Rape Is Okay
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When Rape Is Okay

Every 98 seconds an American is sexually assualted.

When Rape Is Okay

We see and here about rape almost everyday. Whether someone cracks a joke about it, or a new news story on the TV, rape is real. Many people, not just women, that are victims of rape never go to the police, or press charges because the way our culture tries to victim blame. The only person we should be blaming the rape on, is the rapist. But there is no minimal sentence for a rapist, when it comes down to being charged. Because people doubting, questioning the victim, and the rapist not being made accountable, most rape victims do not tell police because of these things.

Now what is rape? How many people get raped annually? Is it just women between 15-30? When is rape okay?

1. the crime, typically committed by a man, of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with the offender against their will

Over 321,000 people are sexually assaulted annually, mostly ages between 15-34. One in six women are a victim, and one in ten are men. But everyone already knows all these facts, everyone hears about these growing up.

So when is rape okay? According to what society tells us...

After you drug her drink.
When her clothes are provocative.
After she had too much to drink.
After she is left alone at the bar.
Walking home by herself after class.
After she says no.
After she no longer can response.
Even if you two are in a relationship, and they still said no.

I mean, rape is okay - well at least that's what society teaches us. But rape is not okay. Rape is rape. Anyone that rapes another person, regardless of age, sex, race, social status, needs to be held accountable for their choices.

Society needs to stop ignoring the fact that rape happens, and how often of it. We need to stop victim blaming. We need to stop letting colleges and police officers push rape cases under the rug. We need to give the victim the help they need, and the rapist needs to service his time.

If I want to wear a low cut shirt, and a mini skirt, I should be able to without being cat called. If I want to drink my heart away one night, I should be able to without fear that someone will try and take me home. If I am no longer able to communicate with someone, you should leave me alone. I shouldn't have to purchase rape-proof underwear for me to go out with my friends and have fun.

No one should have to worry about any of those things. Remember rape doesn't just happen on the weekend at a college town bar. Rape happens in the daylight when someone goes to another persons house to help them. A rapist doesn't care if it's Wednesday at 2 o'clock, or if it's a late night after a football game.

Every 98 seconds someone, somewhere in the United States. Instead of teaching "don't get raped," let's teach "don't rape."

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