How Travel Junkies Love

Don’t fall in love with me

Don’t fall in love with this wanderer of a soul

A heart that desires to see the world

More than love

Fingertips that want to touch regions more than humans

Feet that want to walk and relish in variations of soil

Eyes that want to see God in different pigments

Taste universe in the center of every plate

Feel heaven run across my lips in every language

As I try moving my mouth in ways I have never

I want this more that I want the ¨I do¨ kiss at the alter

I exist forever in moments never in places

So don’t fall in love with me

Don’t fall in love with this left-handed lover

I do everything a bit odd

Because the world wasn’t made for me

It was made for those who do things the right way

For those who like Sunday family dinner

And I rather treat the world like deep southern soul food buffet

I have got to have an unmatched zeal for a place

If I’m gonna go back for seconds

Don’t fall in love with this train wrecked soul

I’ll leave train tracks on your arms

I am a hard habit to kick

I am already married to this journey

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