10 Things You Can Do To Relieve Stress

10 Things You Can Do When It All Becomes Too Much, As Told By Actual Cats

Sometimes you just have to take a break.


College students always have way too many plates in the air and a few are usually dangerously close to falling off and shattering all over the ground. It takes a lot out of you to balance school, work, internships, a social life, family, job searches, and don't even think about sleep.

Don't worry, I've got 10 things that will at least help you keep all those plates in the air...mostly.

1. Put the work down


Unplug from work and leave your workspace. You won't be able to get your mind off the work if it's sitting right next to you. Sometimes you just need space from it in order for it to all make sense.

2. Go for a walk


Moving around is good for you body and your mind. Stretch you legs, get some fresh air and soak in some vitamin D. It's amazing what a few laps around your dorm will do.

3. Call a loved one who is far away


There's no better distraction than talking to your friends and family who you don't see as often. You'll have a ton of exciting evens to catch up on!

4. Lie on the floor and listen to your favorite album from beginning to end


There's a reason it's your favorite, so let yourself get lost in the music. It can help if you close your eyes.

5. Spend a few minutes focusing on breathing


The more oxygen you have in your system, the more energetic you'll feel. You'll get your work done in no time after that, or you'll at least feel like it's a little easier.

6. Have a dance party by yourself


Again, moving around is so good for your brain and body function. Plus, it's fun!

7. Pull out the coloring book


Creativity requires a certain level of concentration, but something about coloring is so mindlessly creative. You can pick a coloring page that's as simple or as complicated as you want!

8. Have a cooking party with your roommates


Your apartment or dorm will smell good, your tummy will be full, and you can have a food fight in the middle to relieve the stress. Just make sure someone cleans it all up.

9. Watch a movie


Yes, a movie might seem like a time commitment, but if you put on a show you risk falling into the binge-watching trap. A movie is safe...er.

10. When all else fails, have a good cry


Sometimes it just needs to happen. School, work, internships, a social life, when you put it all together it can be very overwhelming. Just wrap yourself in your favorite fluffy blanket and let it go.

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Poetry On The Odyssey: It's a Girl

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