Do you ever wonder what goes in and out of your body every day? Do you spend your time dwelling on it for hours after you ate the "wrong" thing? Here are my stories and my thoughts about eating healthy all of the time.

My ultimate thought of this that I would like to share is that it is always constant. The evaluation of consuming good and bad foods is constant for me. I am always thinking to myself, "should I eat this? How will it affect my insides later? Will it give me pain as I'm eating it? How much or how less should I eat this?" So many questions flood my head and to be honest with you, it's overwhelming!

I never get a break. I don't know if this is a common mindset or if it is just mine, but the thoughts of absolutely everything I consume are in my head all of the time. In my case, I think like this because I have a chronic Gastrointestinal condition but recently I've spoken with some serious health nuts and they said they can definitely relate.

I want to keep this topic very general because there are people out there who CHOOSE to consume healthy food, unlike myself- where I HAVE to eat healthy in order to survive. Health nuts, bodybuilders, and extreme athletes have told me that it for sure is a lifestyle and that it can be hard sometimes. They have told me that every day is different and that they too pretty much never get a break until they desperately want one.

Now with that being said, I couldn't relate at all. As I said, I never get a break. As far as I know and as far as I am concerned with treating my condition, I need to be eating healthy 24/7. I simply cannot afford to "take a break" from this dieting. This has become a way of life for me and so many people who don't have this disease do not and cannot understand that.

Some days I find this heartbreaking, and other days I think to myself how strong I am for always making the right decisions about what I need to be eating. It seriously takes a lot of mental, spiritual, and emotional work in order to keep an ongoing mindset of eating healthy.

I want to open the debate of if this is common for you other health nuts or people who have a disease like me that causes you to have to maintain this lifestyle. I want to know if you deal with this every single day of your life and how much brain power it takes out of you. Do you let it take that much out of you? How exactly do you guys deal with it or brush it off?

I have so many questions and thoughts concerning eating healthy for so many people. Everyone is different and nobody thinks exactly alike, so if you have any tips or tricks, please comment below and let me know! Have a happy week and take care of the body you are blessed with.